School Baon Ideas: Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon Recipe

School Baon Ideas: Asparagus Wrapped in bacon

In preparing school baon for kids, we wanted the yummiest, healthiest and the quickest way to prepare it. What I am going to share here is my new found recipe that is yummy, easy, and quick to prepare. This is the Asparagus wrapped in Bacon with rice balls. My son and his classmate loves this recipe very much!     School Baon Ideas: Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon Recipe Ingredients: ... [ Continue Reading ]

Flood Preparedness: Top Tips for Property Owners and Occupiers in the Philippines

Flood preparedness: Tips to property buyers

If you believe that flood preparedness does not concern you, remember that flooding can occur anywhere where it rains. Floods are a common hazard in the Philippines. However, not all floods are alike. Some develop slowly over time, while others develop quickly without warning. Floods can be local (affecting only a single location) or widespread (affecting multiple locations). Whether you live in an area at high or low risk of flooding, it pays to understand the importance of flood preparedness. Before a Flood To prepare for a flood in your area, you should: ... [ Continue Reading ]

Army Navy Burger and Freedom Fries

Army Navy burger and freedom fries

If I were to choose a snack, I love to eat sandwich and burger. Because I am not already in my healthy weight, I control eating burgers and would prefer low-calorie sandwiches. There are still times that I crave for burger. I ordered Army Navy Burger and Freedom Fries months ago. Sometimes when I crave for yummy foods but I want to control my caloric intake, I just look at the photos of these foods. Seeing the photos reminds me of the taste and it satisfies me. The Army Navy Burger and Freedom Fries is incomparable to the popular food chain that we mostly like. Army Navy classic burger have ... [ Continue Reading ]

Philippine Fruits during Rainy Season

Philippine Fruits during Rainy Season

The advantage of knowing the fruits in season is that you can take advantage of its affordable cost. Apart from the good health benefits of fruits, you and your family will enjoy the taste of the fruits of your choice in season. I greatly suggest to introduce fruits to our little kids so that they will choose fruits over junk foods. Sharing to you the Philippine Fruits during Rainy Season with health benefits, scientific name, and estimate cost. Philippine Fruits during Rainy Season   Atis or sugar-apple (Annona squamosa ) is in season from ... [ Continue Reading ]

3 Ways to Boost Multiple Intelligence + June Promo

3 Ways to Boost Multiple Intelligence in Kids

The first day of school is one of the very exciting parts in the life of students as well as parents. New cute school bags, materials and supplies are very noticeable. Students are happy to meet new teachers and classmates. Some are even glad to see again their previous teachers and classmates. What's left to us parents are the challenge of how we are going to guide our lovely students successfully throughout the school year. Sharing to you my 3 Ways to Boost Multiple Intelligence in Kids. For my child to achieve a lot this school year, I let him write his goal. Of course, part of it is to be an honor student. In his journal writing notebook, I've read that he wants to be a leader, a blue awardee, and a healthy student. In order to achieve this goal, he will study harder, be more helpful, obey teacher, be more responsible, and eat healthy foods. My additional in the list is for ... [ Continue Reading ]