Baga Manila Food Bazaar Daanghari

BAGA Manila Food Bazaar Daanghari

What are the food choices at Baga Manila Food Bazaar Daanghari ? A question of food lovers who wanted to experience BAGA Manila at Molino Daanghari road. The first time I learned about this food bazaar through GMA TV "The Jessica Soho Report", I told my husband that we should try it. The said event place is a few minutes away from our home so during the 2nd week of opening, we visited and tried it. The second time we spent a moment at the food bazaar is through an invite as a blogger. Sharing to you my yummy experience and what food stand I recommend. As early as around 5 PM, the food stands at Baga Manila Food Bazaar Daanghari are open. Wondering what's the meaning of BAGA Manila? BAGA is an abbreviation for Barbecuers And Grillers Association. It is obvious that many of the food stand have grill products but there are also variety of good food offering. For first timers, you ... [ Continue Reading ]

Look Peppa Pig’s Playhouse

Peppa pig toy

Peppa Pig's Playhouse is the first playhouse of my daughter. I should have blog this a few months ago but I overlooked this in my draft. When I want to make days in light mood, I look at the toys. There's a joy in every toy as it makes you smile when you play. Why most families and kids like Peppa pig? What's inside this playhouse? Peppa is a lovable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her brother George, Mummy Pig, and  Daddy Pig.This Peppa Pig's Playhouse is simply a cute place that represents Peppa's house where her family resides. Peppa's favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out, and jumping in muddy puddles. What's inside Peppa Pig's Playhouse? Peppa Pig figure Folding house Peppa's bunk bed bath tub Living room set Television Dining set Stair   The nice thing about this play house is that it is very easy to keep. It is ... [ Continue Reading ]

My Birthday Chocolate Cake + a Giveaway

birthday choco cake

I had a simple and a happy birthday yesterday. My parents and my brother visited me at home. Thank you to all who greeted me! What I got for my not so special celebration  is my birthday chocolate cake.   I preferred to celebrate it with my family only. As much as I want to celebrate it with so many people and friends, I've mentioned in my birthday dream post/ideas that it is not going to happen. My husband bought me a ... [ Continue Reading ]

Win your “Baby’s First” prize by Joining in the New Pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge

Pampers Baby Dry Diaper

Can your baby’s diaper guarantee 99.9% dryness? This is one of the questions that I am thinking about when I had my first baby. I almost tried and memorized all the diaper brands just to compare which brand is the best for my baby. Good thing I’ve discovered it from my fellow moms too. Now it’s your turn! Bet on the best for your baby as Pampers, the world’s leading diaper brand, launches the New Pampers Baby Dry 99.9% Dryness Challenge. Let me tell you the easy ways on how to win your “Baby’s First” prize from Pamper Baby Dry.   Who are qualified to join? ... [ Continue Reading ]

I am the Mystery Parent Storyteller

mystery parent storyteller

In celebration of the English and National Book Week, my son's school chose me to be a "Mystery Parent Storyteller" this November. It will be the next week. To show my son that I truly support their learning and activities in school, I accepted the invitation. This is another first activity in school that I will be closely involved with the students and teachers since my son is a new student this school year. I should be confident! Honestly, I'm a bit nervous in this event. It's just like reading a story with my son or simply telling a story aloud for children that we watch from Hi 5. I am thinking that way to make myself comfortable in story telling. Being part of the story telling is truly a great way of making the children feel that their parents are interested in learning and reading. Making it fun and entertaining is a plus! As a  mystery parent storyteller, I'll do my best ... [ Continue Reading ]