Girly Frog Toy Luscinia


This girly frog toy is one of the most unique stuffed toys we had at home. Its name is Luscinia. I am actually wordless today. So I just picked a cute photo to share. I love to blog but time is always a challenge. Having two kids without a housemaid keeps me so busy. Then, there's my regular online job that I do every weekdays. I am not complaining. Always be grateful. Let  me tell you more about Luscinia. Where does Luscinia stuffed toy came from? ... [ Continue Reading ]

Flu Vaccine Side Effects

You really can't tell the side effects of a certain drug or medicine until you've tried it. When it is rainy season, it is also a sign of flu season. Most doctors recommend flu vaccine. The big question of parents like me is, are there flu vaccine side effects? I've heard many life experiences about the flu vaccine. Here's my family experience about it. From what I recall, my first flu vaccine shot was year 2007. I am still single during that time. One of my colleagues was hospitalized for more than a month. She told us that for three consecutive years, she had a flu shot. The flu vaccine was effective. She never got ill during those years. The year after her third flu vaccine, she refused to have a flu shot. On that year without a flu vaccine, she said that she always feel sick. Then suddenly she felt so numb and pale. She had fever and flu, cough, and colds. She's been hospitalized ... [ Continue Reading ]

Beautiful Sofa Set

modern-sofa set

Beautiful sofa set, dining set, and other furniture set are the things that we normally match with our home theme. These things primarily caught my attention when I pass by a furniture shop. When it comes to interior designs, I like a theme that is so homey. The color combination, materials used, and the kinds of furniture to be used appeal to the theme. Sofa Set for a Homey Feel ... [ Continue Reading ]

Unilab Family Health Kit Giveaway


Thank you to Unilab for sponsoring a health kit. I will be giving away a family health kit to one of my lucky reader. This is a simple giveaway. Normally we have a medicine box at home. But, do we have the best medicine and health product list for our family's health? As part of the husay and malasakit, having this health kit is an awesome awareness  for every family. Before we proceed to the giveaway, have you joined the free cake in husay at malasakit promo? This promo is a wonderful way to give thanks to a person for their love and support. A warm gratitude that will make the receiver truly appreciated. I actually nominated my sister in the Husay at Malasakit promo. She's been very helpful to our family. Regarding the family health kit, this will be very beneficial. The multivitamins in the kit are perfect for your kiddos, husband, other members of the family. My mom-in-law ... [ Continue Reading ]

Top Volleyball Athletes are the PLDT HOME Ultera New Brand Ambassadors

PLDT HOME Ultera New Brand Ambassadors

Ultra-fast LTE brand PLDT HOME Ultera launches its new brand ambassadors last August 5, 2015. The new faces of the Ultera barkada family revealed hail from the ranks of the country's top volleyball celebrities, all superstars in their own right. The PLDT HOME Ultera New Ambassadors are the ... [ Continue Reading ]