PLDT HOME FAM CAM: Remotely Monitor Your Home Via the Internet

PLDT HOME FAM CAM Technical Specs

Keeping my kids safe at home is one of my biggest concerns as a mom. Modern moms nowadays are very supportive to their family and passionate in working for them.  When moms’ are busy and away from home, we always think and miss our family especially the kids. Home monitoring system is a great way to see what is going on at home without having to be there via the internet.  This is what the newest PLDT HOME FAM CAM can do. You can remotely monitor your home and watch over your home  via the internet. What is a PLDT HOME FAM CAM? ... [ Continue Reading ]

Make Study Habits More Interesting in Younger Students

I love being a hands-on mom to my children.  Now that my eldest son is back to school as grade 1, we are back to our study habits. At first the transition from summer vacation to regular school day study habits is not that easy. Knowing our child spent most of their times playing during the summer vacation. Let me share how I make my son's study habits more interesting. Children nowadays are exposed to different electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc. I admit that it did help sometimes to tame my child with its enjoyable games and apps. But, the thing is it is not actually helping me to discipline my child. Based on my observation when I let him play in a prolonged period (be it educational game or his favorite game), he will get used to it and will not be interested with other activities like reading and writing. So, the first thing that I did when summer ... [ Continue Reading ]

Lazada’s Chinese New Year Kick-Off Sale this January 27

Lazada Chinese New Year kick-off sale 2015

Do you want big discounts and surprise items? I'm sure you like it!, Philippines’ largest online shopping mall is poised to stage yet again another show-stopping shopping event happening this January 27 as a kick-off to the forthcoming Chinese New Year. Many of us knew the great deals with big discounts that they offered several times and  with the recent successful Online Revolution Month culminating last December 12, 2014, this Kick-off sale is something to look forward to. Lazada's Chinese New Year Kick-Off Sale this January 27 will be starting at ... [ Continue Reading ]

Planting Vegetables in a Pot


Planting vegetables in a pot is one easy way to grow your own vegetable or plants if you do not have extra land or lot with good soil. My husband started planting using pots last year. First, we continue taking care of the plants that were already grown at the front yard including the flowers, then we bought small plants in a pot. There was Calamansi shrub where we already picked the first fruits last month and now we harvested the mustasa vegetable. In growing mustasa veggies, it took us more than a month before it grew that is good to harvest. We cooked Sinigang na Salmon and use mustasa veggies fresh from our garden pot. In another pot, we planted Okra. My husband bought a seedling from Ramgo packs available at the supermarket. A great advantage in planting vegetables in a pot is that it is very easy to manage plus you are sure that your veggies are 100% fresh. There ... [ Continue Reading ]

Zoobic Safari Adventure

Tiger Safari inside the jeep

Have you experienced the Zoobic Safari Adventure? My son and I were so thrilled in his educational field trip inside the Zoobic Safari last November 2014. Our tour was assisted and guided by Hunnypot travel and tours. Their tour guide was really friendly and he shared many information about the history and facts about the places that we passed by. First, we visited the Zoobic park where you can ... [ Continue Reading ]

Improved Areas in Fabella Maternity Wing

Fabella NICU maternity wing

Do you still remember  the #CaringBeyondSkincare Movement by Nivea baby that I posted last 2013 "A first for everything"? I have mentioned  that NIVEA BABY takes the 1st Step to Caring Beyond Skincare through the renovation of the maternity wing of Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. You will see photos there of the previous condition of Fabella maternity wing. Now let me show you the improved areas of Fabella maternity wing. The photo above is the before and after photo of the ... [ Continue Reading ]

Discover the Festive Bloom of Agriculture at Paradizoo

Paradizoo Festival

When is the last time that you visited the zoo? My son and I just experience the fun at the Zoobic Zafari last October 2014 with his classmates during their educational field trip. It took my stress away!  I am encouraging everyone to visit the zoo especially parents with kids for an educational and fun family bonding.  Let us discover the Festive Bloom of Agriculture at Paradizoo. We usually passed by to this place when we travel to Tagaytay but we haven't gone inside yet. I recall my son keeps on telling us to go there when he saw the sign boards of Paradizoo and we told him that we will visit on our next schedule. Now is the great time to go there because Paradizoo is celebrating one of the most anticipated annual festivities in the field of agriculture. Paradizoo re-unfold the “Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair) - The Festive Bloom of Agriculture. "Power ... [ Continue Reading ]