Tweet-Win I choose #Multiple Intelligence Promo Week 4

Multiple Intelligence Twitter Giveaway

It is very healthy for a parent if we are aware of multiple intelligence. In my recent post, I shared "Why Multiple Intelligence provides children with the real edge?." I am so glad that with the on-going tweet-win I choose #MultipleIntelligence, many participated in answering why they choose multiple intelligence. I learned the different views of moms why they chose multiple intelligence. We are now on week 4. It was so easy to join. I am inviting you to enter the Tweet-Win I choose #Multiple Intelligence Promo Week 4 now. Who can join Multiple Intelligence Twitter Hashtag Promo? ... [ Continue Reading ]

Tweet-Win Multiple Intelligence Promo Week 3

Here is another week for Tweet-Win Multiple Intelligence Promo Week 3.  It was so easy to join, just simply follow the format below and enter in the rafflecopter giveaway.  To make this tweet-win multiple intelligence promo more interesting, I've added a winner for pick a prize. That means, there will be two winners for week 3 - one winner for the gift certificate plus gift pack  and one winner for pick a prize. Who can join Multiple Intelligence Twitter Hashtag Promo? The Promo is open to Filipino parents residing in the Philippines with children 4-7 years old at the time of joining. How to join? ... [ Continue Reading ]

Make Study Habits More Interesting in Younger Students

I love being a hands-on mom to my children.  Now that my eldest son is back to school as grade 1, we are back to our study habits. At first the transition from summer vacation to regular school day study habits is not that easy. Knowing our child spent most of their times playing during the summer vacation. Let me share how I make my son's study habits more interesting. Children nowadays are exposed to different electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc. I admit that it did help sometimes to tame my child with its enjoyable games and apps. But, the thing is it is not actually helping me to discipline my child. Based on my observation when I let him play in a prolonged period (be it educational game or his favorite game), he will get used to it and will not be interested with other activities like reading and writing. So, the first thing that I did when summer ... [ Continue Reading ]

Halloween 2014 by Mommy Bloggers Philippines at the Fun Ranch

Halloween Kids costume at the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween celebration

We had so much fun at the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party 2014 event happened at the big red barn Fun Ranch last October 18, 2014. The theme of the Halloween party is costume party and trick or treat. Kids and even parents were very excited in this big event not only because it is a costume party but it is the first time to meet different mommy bloggers in the Philippines. One of the biggest sponsors that we have is the Fun Ranch in Ortigas where kids rule. They allowed us to use their spacious function room - the big red barn. I think we are approximately 100 or more  inside the function room and still we felt very comfortable with the place. The aircon can fully cover the entire area of the big red barn. The ceilings were high making it very spacious to look at and good for people who are Claustrophobia. Fun ranch has a very family-friendly kids design all over the ... [ Continue Reading ]

Making the Most of Your Home

carpet cleaning

As a wife and mother, you have a busy schedule. From sun up to sun down, your day is filled with a long list of obligations. From getting everyone up in the morning to packing lunches, going to work, running errands, and doing the carpool, there are some days when you probably feel like you don't even have time to breathe. By the time you get home to cook dinner, your bed is calling to you. Finding time for housecleaning is just one more item to add to your list. It can be hard to squeeze your carpets in and give them the attention they deserve. You run the vacuum quick and occasionally steam clean, but you simply don't have time to do much more. As a result, you can see that daily use is taking a toll on the rugs in your home. You've got two options. You can become a slave to your rugs or you can call in the professionals. Let a Carpet Cleaning Service Make Your Carpets a ... [ Continue Reading ]

How I Believe in ‘HUSAY AT MALASAKIT’ in serving people like UNILAB?

husay at malasakit

Being friendly, hospitable and helpful are some of the values that are very natural to Filipinos. We faced various calamities and different economic challenges; together we were able to surpass it and strengthened our solidarity as Filipinos.   This leads us to do with excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit) in everything we do, especially when in service to others who are in need. As a stay-at-home mom, I believe in husay and malasakit in serving people.  It should begin at home.  I provide ... [ Continue Reading ]

Why Multiple Intelligence Provides Children with the Real Edge?

Multiple Intelligence Provides child the real edege

How can I help my child do well in school? This is actually the very first question that popped in my mind when my 6-year-old son started schooling in grade 1.  I was briefed by the school administrator that grade 1 level is far different from kinder and preparatory in terms of class hours and academics. In school they observe the 8 multiple intelligences. The teacher head told me that using multiple intelligences gives children with the real edge. Why Multiple Intelligence provides children with the real edge?   First, let us know what multiple intelligence is. Multiple Intelligences according to Dr. Howard Gardner are the following: ... [ Continue Reading ]