Make Study Habits More Interesting in Younger Students

I love being a hands-on mom to my children.  Now that my eldest son is back to school as grade 1, we are back to our study habits. At first the transition from summer vacation to regular school day study habits is not that easy. Knowing our child spent most of their times playing during the summer vacation. Let me share how I make my son's study habits more interesting. Children nowadays are exposed to different electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc. I admit that it did help sometimes to tame my child with its enjoyable games and apps. But, the thing is it is not actually helping me to discipline my child. Based on my observation when I let him play in a prolonged period (be it educational game or his favorite game), he will get used to it and will not be interested with other activities like reading and writing. So, the first thing that I did when summer ... [ Continue Reading ]

#LigtasTigdas DOH Measles Campaign 2014

DOH Measles Campaign

The Department of Health is encouraging parents with children age five and below to go to the nearest health center from September 1-30. There will be a free vaccine for Measles and Polio (Tigdas at Polio). Although my 20-month-old child already has the 6-in-1 vaccine, I still ask the doctor and her pedia about this.     Is there a danger in receiving repeated doses of the vaccines on Measles and Polio? This are the questions that I asked from them and they answered receiving repeated doses of the vaccines do not pose any danger to your child. ... [ Continue Reading ]

United Nations Costume for Kids in the Philippines

united nations kids costume

Are you looking for United Nations costume ideas for kids?  Yearly, most countries are celebrating the United Nations day and with this event, there are several celebrations in school that kids love to join.The preschool years of my son have been so happy and colorful with the United Nations Day event in school. For the preparation, it is better to be prepared in advance once the teacher gave the go signal for this wonderful event. Let me share several United Nations Costume for kids to give you an idea of how these costumes look like. United Nations Day is devoted to making known to peoples of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organization, a part of the United Nations week, which runs from 20 to 26 October. It marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. In school, the ... [ Continue Reading ]

#OOTD Napoleon Kid’s Clothing

#OOTD Napoleon Kid's Clothing

One of the kids clothing brand that fits well on my son's figure is the Napoleon kids clothing. Since I started buying clothes for him when he was a toddler, I like the Napoleon brand. My son has a small body frame and at his age now, he begin choosing clothes for himself. Comfort is very important. For his outfit of the day-  #OOTD Napoleon Kid's Clothing, he wore Napoleon  green round-neck shirt and a cargo denim pants. Both are very comfortable because it is lightweight and materials are  mainly cotton. What I like with Napoleon pants or jeans is that it has a hidden garter with button in the waistline good for adjustment so that it would perfectly and comfortably fit with your kid's size. When there is a promo or sale, I buy several pairs of clothes for my kids. His shirt size now is for 7/8 years old and his pants is for 6/7 years old. Kids grow up so fast that is why I ... [ Continue Reading ]

Kids love for pc games and your responsibility towards them


Computer games are really an attraction to kids of this generation. Kids love spending time hooked to their pc and most of the kids love to play games during their spare time. Mothers also find it easy to keep their chid engaged to the world of animation, cartoons and in the world of fantasy, action and adventure. It’s your duty as a mother to look after what your child is playing, the kind of games they like. As a parent it is your duty to find out whether that game is really suitable for your child’s age group. ... [ Continue Reading ]

#FeelAtHome Philippine Airlines Newest Global Campaign

Beautiful day! Sharing with you the newest global campaign of Philippine Airlines. Discover how Philippine Airlines make everyone #FeelAtHome.     I feel at home when all my friends became my family too. For us Filipinos, being ... [ Continue Reading ]