5 Practical Tips to Boost your Child’s Mental Math

boost your Child’s Mental Math

What is your child’s favorite subject in school? When I asked several kids, most answered Science and English. My son too extremely loves Science followed by Araling Panlipunan. Let’s face it that Math is a tough subject. Even during the times that I studied in school, it is usually the subject where you can see low grades.  My concern as a parent is on how my kids can cope up with Math in an interesting way.  So, I came up with 5 Practical Tips to boost your Child’s Mental Math that we encounter in our daily life.   In today’s generation, we are thankful that there are multiple ways to help our child in improving their mental skills in different areas. With Math learning or enrichment center, I heard a lot of good feedback from parents who enrolled their kids in Kumon and Singapore Math. When I attended their parent seminar, I actually learned some tips and I applied it ... [ Continue Reading ]

3 Lego Minecraft Steve DIY

Do-it-yourself Lego Minecraft Steve Figure

How to make a Lego Minecraft Steve? My son loves to play Lego. He is also hook in playing minecraft using his imagination with his Lego toys. With Minecraft game, there is no limit to what you wanted to build. No wonder that this game has been a favorite of most boys and even adults too. Since my son is a fan of minecraft and lego, I surprised him with Lego Minecraft Steve that I personally created. Here's what I build for my son using different lego bricks. The very first minecraft game that my son played is Ucraft. It is a 2D building block game.The concept is like in minecraft game. I think there is just a limitation with game settings because this is an App to be installed in smartphone. Nonetheless, my son enjoyed playing this in  little time. I was curious to what Minecraft is, so, I did some research. I found out that Steve is a popular minecraft character. To make my son ... [ Continue Reading ]

Friendly Minecraft Invitation Printable

Minecraft invitation printable

Among the free Minecraft Invitation card printable, I chose three of the kid-friendliest and best for birthday invitation card. There are hundreds of free Minecraft printables making it easy if you will be having a Minecraft theme party. For my son's birthday party, we decided to prepare a Minecraft theme party. Sharing to you the top three minecraft invitation designs that I like. Since my son's birthday is on a weekday, there will be two celebration. First, we will be having a lunch time birthday party in his school. He will be celebrating it in school with his classmates and teachers. The next party will be at home. We will stick to our budget so it will be a simple one. I wanted my son's 7th birthday to be remarkable and enjoyable. We will be preparing Do-it-yourself (DIY) Minecraft theme party. I am aiming  not to spend a lot of money. It will be budget-friendly. In ... [ Continue Reading ]

DIY: Adhesive Shelf Paper for Wood Furniture

adhesive shelf paper

How can you refurbish an old shelf of a laminated wood? You will notice that most wood furniture today are made up of laminated wood. The disadvantage of laminated wood is that it is not as durable as the hard wood. Usually the outer covering of it will be having discoloration or unpleasant appearance when use for couple times. There is a solution to that using adhesive shelf paper for wood. It was actually last year when I started to use the adhesive shelf paper.My son's study table is made up of laminated wood. After more than two years, the surface has unpleasant discoloration. So, to refurbish the surface, I replaced the thin covering with the blue adhesive contact paper last year. I do not want to throw his folding study table because it is still usable. It was only last year when I did that. Another year has passed. Kids always like to draw and do a lot of art works. Part ... [ Continue Reading ]

Top Volleyball Athletes are the PLDT HOME Ultera New Brand Ambassadors

PLDT HOME Ultera New Brand Ambassadors

Ultra-fast LTE brand PLDT HOME Ultera launches its new brand ambassadors last August 5, 2015. The new faces of the Ultera barkada family  hail from the ranks of the country's top volleyball celebrities, all superstars in their own right. The PLDT HOME Ultera New Ambassadors are the ... [ Continue Reading ]