PLDT HOME FAM CAM: Remotely Monitor Your Home Via the Internet

PLDT HOME FAM CAM Technical Specs

Keeping my kids safe at home is one of my biggest concerns as a mom. Modern moms nowadays are very supportive to their family and passionate in working for them.  When moms’ are busy and away from home, we always think and miss our family especially the kids. Home monitoring system is a great way to see what is going on at home without having to be there via the internet.  This is what the newest PLDT HOME FAM CAM can do. You can remotely monitor your home and watch over your home  via the internet. What is a PLDT HOME FAM CAM? ... [ Continue Reading ]

Make Study Habits More Interesting in Younger Students

I love being a hands-on mom to my children.  Now that my eldest son is back to school as grade 1, we are back to our study habits. At first the transition from summer vacation to regular school day study habits is not that easy. Knowing our child spent most of their times playing during the summer vacation. Let me share how I make my son's study habits more interesting. Children nowadays are exposed to different electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc. I admit that it did help sometimes to tame my child with its enjoyable games and apps. But, the thing is it is not actually helping me to discipline my child. Based on my observation when I let him play in a prolonged period (be it educational game or his favorite game), he will get used to it and will not be interested with other activities like reading and writing. So, the first thing that I did when summer ... [ Continue Reading ]

What I Look Forward in March?


The first quarter of the year is the season of my online work. This year makes me do a lot more things. I think I am starting to be workaholic again. I am trying to control it because if I don't that would mean stressful days and it would result to sleep deprivation.??With my blog, I am still doing in the mid to catch up on the posts that I lost last year. Good thing that some of my new posts are already on the search engine. I love to learn and improve my writing. I want to attend seminars to help me grow. I just missed one event about photography from Mommy Bloggers Philippines. The schedule has a conflict with my son's family day activity in school.Apart from regular online work and blogging, I am also into real estate trying to sell online through ads. I just pray that I could manage to attend the trainings and seminars here beacause I am interested to know more about real estate and ... [ Continue Reading ]

10 Educational and Fun-filled Summer Activities for Kids

10 Educational and Fun-filled Summer Activities for Kids

It is almost summer season! Most of us are excited when summer comes. Children are on school vacation. This season is a perfect time for family bonding and for kids to enjoy enough time in playing. I have list 10 Educational and Fun-filled Summer Activities for Kids that we can look forward to.   10 Educational and Fun-filled Summer Activities for Kids   Biking/ driving or playing traditional outdoor games Majority of the kids who are studying in school missed the outdoor games. They are only allowed to play outdoor games during P.E. class or with limited time on weekends. The traditional outdoor games that reminds me during my childhood days are playing Patintero, Trumpo, Sipa, Chinese garter, Piko, Luksong baka, Hide and seek, Tumbang Preso, Handkerchief snatching, Siyato game, and Jack-en-poy (rock-paper-scissors). This is going to be so much fun! ... [ Continue Reading ]

Get a Limited-edition KIT KAT Valentine Pack with Shell V-Power Nitro+

Shell Valentine Promo

Valentine's Day is a special event for people to share the love, be in-love, or simply fill the world with love. From flowers to chocolates, love letters and surprise gifts, we Filipinos love to show our love in this Heart month. Because Shell value the loyalty and support of their customers, to share the love, they have a Valentine's day month long  promo where you can get a Limited-edition KIT KAT Valentine Pack with Shell V-Power Nitro+. How to Get a Limited-edition KIT KAT Valentine Pack with Shell V-Power Nitro+? For every P1, 000 single or ... [ Continue Reading ]

Start Making More Money Through IMG


Do you want to learn more about how money works and how to build a stronger financial future? Definitely, yes! It caught my attention with this question from the survey that I answered more than a year ago. At first, I was skeptical to listen but I trusted my brother that what he shared is not pyramiding  or a networking scheme. He invested then after almost a year, he showed to me the proof that he earns.  Now, I want to start making more money through IMG. What is IMG? IMG stands for International Marketing Group, is an independent marketing company offering a ... [ Continue Reading ]

Chocolate: Godiva Valentine’s Day Message Truffles

Godiva Valentine's Day Message Truffles

So Sweet! After the advance Valentine Gift that my husband gave to me last week, another advance favorite chocolate was given to me. I have a sweet tooth and he knew how I enjoy munching sweetness in my mouth. Last night when he arrived home, he gave me this Godiva Valentine's Day Message Truffles together with my other fave chocolate. I can still recall the first time I tasted ... [ Continue Reading ]