Olay Regenerist #MiracleDuo Review after Five Days

Olay Regenerist #MiracleDuo Review

Do you have beauty secrets in keeping your face younger-looking, smooth and supple? Just like most women, I do have my own skincare regimen. It is not actually my secret because the products I use can be found in leading stores nationwide. Before, I was only using a bar soap or facial wash followed by a regular facial cream but when my skin was exposed to sunlight for succeeding days, I noticed some formation of small blackheads or dark marks and slightly bigger pores on my face. Just right in time that I tried and excited to share to you Olay Regenerist #MiracleDuo review after five days of using it. Too much exposure to sunlight may damage our skin causing dark spots, bigger pores, dry skin or skin aging. This happened to my ... [ Continue Reading ]

Energy Saving Home Appliances to Lower Electric Bill

Energy saving Home Appliances

Who wants bigger savings in paying electric bills? Of course, we want! My husband and I have been finding ways to lower our power consumption at home. We love technology and there are great advantages with the way it evolves in our modern world. I’ll share to you what we discovered in using Energy Saving Home Appliances to Lower Electric Bill. The innovation of technology with energy saving has a big impact to lessen the power usage. Switching to energy saving devices and home appliances is an effective way to do that. One should know the Energy Efficient appliance before buying it. Some say that purchasing new appliance when you still have a working one is costly. I was actually hesitant to replace some of our not so energy efficient appliance because they are still in good condition. My husband is firm that we have to replace our existing home appliances not only to lessen the ... [ Continue Reading ]

House and Lot For Sale in Cavite

Fairgrounds Charlene House Model

Are you looking for a house and lot for sale in Cavite that is 30 minutes away from Manila and 20 minutes away from Alabang? You might be interested to consider living in an exclusive subdivision at Fairgrounds, Vallejo Place in Imus Cavite. This is just right at the back of SM Molino after Citihomes subdivision. Let me share the current house models, specification, amenities, and prices.     Own a Modern American Flair home design in an exclusive subdivision at Vallejo Place, Imus Cavite.   *30 minutes away from Makati (about 31 km distance) ... [ Continue Reading ]

Farrah House Construction at Fairgrounds Vallejo Place

Farrah Home Fairgrounds, Vallejo Place

The first time we arrived at Vallejo place in Cavite, we didn't missed the chance to get a property here. My husband and I has a beautiful story of how we finally settled in Cavite. We are actually staying in the Northern part of Metro Manila since birth so moving to a nearby province or should I say City in the Southern part is a big adjustment to us. What is this Farrah House Construction at Fairgrounds Vallejo Place? This Farrah House Construction at Fairgrounds Vallejo Place is our soon-to-be home. It is the very first time that I blogged about the construction of our house in Cavite. Before,  I shared about our first house improvement in Las Palmas, Bulacan. We are actually planning to move there. Husband and I did our best for the wired telephone and internet services application in Las Palmas subdivision but it failed. The wired telephone and internet service is very ... [ Continue Reading ]

Choose An Ergonomic Desk Chair With Lumbar Support

Desk-Chair with Lumbar Support

When you have an office job, you spend most of your work day in a sitting position. You need a comfortable desk chair with good support that relieves stress on your spine. An ergonomic chair will provide essential support for your lower back and lumbar region and promote good posture. Important Chair Features Lumbar Support Your lumbar spine has a natural ... [ Continue Reading ]

Affordable CCTV in Cavite

Affordable CCTV in cavite

Are you looking for an affordable CCTV in Cavite? Nowadays, CCTV is very important in our community. With the growing numbers of crimes and accidents, the recorded videos coming from the CCTV is absolutely a big help in a certain investigation. Before, this thing was only installed in business establishments and main roads, now for security purposes more household owns a CCTV. What is CCTV? CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a ... [ Continue Reading ]

Paradizoo Mendez Family Tour

Paradizoo Flower Garden

Have you visited Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite? My family spent a refreshing Paradizoo Family Tour. Do you remember my post "Discover the Festive Bloom of Agriculture at Paradizoo"? We were not able to experience the Power of Three event but were so happy to visit a beautiful place surrounded by greenery that is also taking care of some zoo animals. The moment that we entered Paradizoo,my kids run to the playground. We arrived early at around 9AM and I think we are the first guests during that time. At the playground, there is an hourly charge. Because we are too early and the playground is not yet cleaned from fallen leaves and some play areas are wet, they didn't charge us. After the active play at the playground, we took the Paradizoo tour with the kids. We saw rabbits, goats, horses, cow, pig - mostly there are many farm animals. We also saw Ostrich and Camel. The trail is ... [ Continue Reading ]