#100HappyDays Dream Home

Part of my #100HappyDays is our family’s Dream Home! This is my Day 3. I just recently joined the 100 Happy days and I think in this way a person will be inspired more as you discover the happiness you feel each day. For me, happiness comes from little things and it is important that you cherish and be contented.

#100HappyDays Dream Home

#100HappyDays Dream Home

Today, marks the preparation of my family for our dream home. Continue reading

Childhood Immunization Schedule 2013- 2014

With the increasing number of measles patients particularly in Metro Manila, the department of health declared Measles Outbreak. The measles cases reached 1,724 from January 1 to December 14, 2013 and of the number, 21 patients died. This is according to the latest statistics. This is how important why parents should know the vaccination schedule of their children to keep them safe and protected.

Childhood Immunization schedule

Childhood Immunization schedule 2013

In comparison between childhood immunization schedule 2012 and Childhood Immunization 2013, the immunization Continue reading

Join the #WranglerSunChaser Weekly Challenge and Win

The #WranglerSunChaser challenge started last week with the first week Challenge “Smell Nature”. It says “True luxury is being able to smell the colours of the world”. It emphasize on nature to thank the sun for the fruits, flowers, and trees.

#WranglerSunChaser "Smell Nature"

#WranglerSunChaser “Smell Nature”

There are more than 2, 000 entries and the photo that stand-out is Continue reading

DepEd’s Age Qualifications for Grade 1

Is your child an incoming grade 1 student this school year 2014-2015? If yes, we are the same. My son just completed nursery and kindergarten and now we are about to send him to a new school. I was getting confused for the age qualification  for grade 1. Let me share what I have found coming from Department of Education.

DepEd Age Qualifications for Grade 1

DepEd Age Qualifications for Grade 1

From my inquiries, Continue reading

Sutla Flawless Papaya Whitening Products Review

Are you using skin whitening products? How effective are those products? Nowadays, most Filipinos wanted to have fair skin. With the expanding business in the line of beauty and skincare products, the buyer have many choices. Let me share another effective whitening product that I personally tested.

Sutla Flawless Papaya Whitening Products

Sutla Flawless Papaya Whitening Products

Being a mommy blogger, I am open to try different products to test if it is something worth to buy. When it comes to beauty and skincare products, I always choose those products made from natural ingredients.  This is what you can find in Sutla Flawless Papaya products.

Some of Sutla Flawless Papaya products I have tried Continue reading


Last month, I blogged about “Ask Diego with friendly, cute, and smart answers“, a seven-year-old boy who is posting answers to questions from his facebook fanpage with the help of his parents.

Ask Diego

Ask Diego

Browsing on the Ask Diego facebook fan page, anyone who can read the answers from Ask Diego will surely make someone smile. The answers to the questions were Continue reading

Thank you and Goodbye, BLPDC!

It’s been eight years when I joined the cooperative from where I grew up and I can say that it helped me a lot. It never let me down in times I needed a financial assistance and it taught me to save and handle money productively.

Birhen ng Lourdes Parish Development Cooperative

Birhen ng Lourdes Parish Development Cooperative (BLPC)

If you’re wondering how this cooperative helped me, you can read my post Continue reading

Safeguard Germ Alarm: Promotes Proper Hygiene through Hand-washing

Did you know that our hand is one of the dirtiest part of our body. Why? It is because we often use our hands in our daily activities such as typing, holding things, cooking, eating, or simply calling or texting using our phone. With various activities, our hands are expose to germs that might be the cause of certain illnesses. That is why proper hand-washing is very important to prevent germs from spreading.

Safeguard Germ Alarm - Proper Hand-washing

Safeguard Germ Alarm – Proper Hand-washing

Through the Safeguard Germ Alarm system, proper hygiene through hand-washing is promoted.

What is Safeguard Germ Alarm? 

The Safeguard Germ Alarm is a Continue reading

Exclusive Discount on Shake ‘n Go from Lazada PH via WeChat

Have a cool and refreshing  smoothie on the go all summer with this Shake ‘n Go Smoothie Maker! It’s so light, handy and now exclusively available from Lazada PH via Wechat with an amazing discount.

Shake'n Go Exclusive Discount from Lazada PH via WeChat

Shake’n Go Exclusive Discount from Lazada PH via WeChat

The Shake ‘n Go enables Continue reading

My Summer Moving Update

This is a quick update on my weblog. My schedule is so tight that I need not only multitasking but work overnight making me dizzy due to lack of sleep. My family is in the midst of adjustment as we move to our new home. Recently, I have mentioned #100HappyDays about our dream home and now our excitement is becoming intense. Continue reading