Cute Kittens at Home


These cute kittens at home are our pets. In the Philippines, the most popular cats that you can find along the streets are called Pusakal. Now that they have a home, they are no longer pusakal.     For the meantime, I'll be sharing some    Cute kittens pictures that I have. As of this day, my daughter is still in the hospital since Monday due to tummy aches and refusal of her body for food and milk intake. Thank God, we will be discharge later today. This is the reason of my inactivity lately in social media and publishing posts.  Anyway, cats and kittens are the favorite pets of my kids. They are very interestested in taking care of cute kittens. We are thankful that my kids have no asthma.    My son is the one who named our three cute kittens. Their cute kitten names or cat's name are "Tomi" and the two identical kittens are ... [ Continue Reading ]

Ensogo App Download and Get Online Deals

Ensogo app

Have you installed the Ensogo app? Get latest online deals straight through your mobile phone with this new app. Shopping these days can easily be done using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Users can now have quick access to the best offers in the market for a more convenient mobile online shopping Philippines experience. Ensogo understands how important mobile is for today’s consumers’ lifestyle. Ensogo App is ... [ Continue Reading ]

Inspiring Smile Quote by Mother Teresa

Inspiring Quote by Mother Teresa

Beautiful Day! I am so much inspired today because one of my prayers was answered. There are so much goodness in life to see rather than looking at the dark side. When I became a mom, my positive outlook in life grows bigger. Being optimistic is what makes me strong as a mother, friend, colleague, and wife to my husband. In search of being positive, here is an inspiring Smile Quote by Mother Teresa. Inspiring Smile Quote by Mother Teresa ... [ Continue Reading ]

3 Reasons to Buy a House and Lot Now

3 Reasons to buy a house and lot now

Living in your own home is very ideal for a family. In your own home, you can set the standards that you wanted for your home living. It can save money compared to renting a space and your privacy is not limited. Before we buy a house and lot, we did several inquiries. We search for a good location. Through the help of some friends, we were able to buy a house and lot at a great deal. Owning a house is truly a dream for couples. Let me share my 3 reasons to buy a house and lot now. 3 Reasons to Buy a House and Lot Now ... [ Continue Reading ]

Easy Recipes Burger Steak for Baon

Easy Recipes Burger Steak

Is your child bored with their ordinary lunch baon? During the first weeks of school, I noticed that to my son. He is now studying whole day in school so I always prepare packed lunch in the morning. I wanted him to consume all his baon to keep him healthy. Trying out different lunch ideas is very effective to encourage him eat his baon. In this post, I'll be sharing the Easy Recipes Burger Steak for School Baon. Since my son is in grade school and wanted bite-sized meal, I use mini rice scoops and slice portions of the viand. Just like what I did in preparing Asparagus wrapped in bacon recipe. I derive this Easy Recipes Burger Steak from the popular Jollibee burger steak. Of course, there is a difference with the taste of the gravy sauce. Instead of using mushroom, I add young corn. I think that corn is more enticing for children to eat than mushroom. Easy Recipes Burger ... [ Continue Reading ]