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jem's avatarBeing a mother is the most challenging task in the world and the highest paying job that money can’t pay. It takes a thousand words to describe what a mommy can give to a child and do for her family. I have created this website for everyone especially moms so they can relate, learn and enjoy being a mommy based from my real experiences. I also included some articles that will keep us updated in our lives. This is my share for a wonderful blessing as a Super Mommy.

The most informative article post that I have created are about “Budget Wedding“, “Pregnancy”, “Baby Care“,  “Feng Shui Tips before you buy a house and Lot“, “Work at home online especially for moms“, Kid’s Birthday Party at Mc Donalds and a lot more.

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  • Passionate Blogger

    You doing a great job creating this blog SuperMom. Love the design too – simple and yet beautiful. Keep up the good work. Will come back for more.

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Passionate Blogger,

      Thanks for appreciating my blog. You inspired me to update this blog and to finish the construction. I will surely visit your blog.

  • yen

    lots of tips here thru mommy hood

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Yen,
      Thanks for dropping a comment. I would really love to share all the good things about motherhood.

  • Pinx

    is this a new one mommy? well, you’ve done a great job! it’s so comforting to know that mommies like us can still relate and share our experiences online! have a great day!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Pinx,

      Thanks for dropping a comment. This is really my dream site, I remember when I am pregnant I have so many questions to ask and it was so hard to find the answers that I can relate on so I decided to come up with this site so I can help mommies especially the first time moms.

  • mona

    hi jem, this is my first time here =) nice blog you have i can relate. ANyway, i will add your 2 blogs in my blogroll =)

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      Hi Mona,

      Thank you so much! I will also create my network links for blogroll probably this weekend and I will also add your badge here.

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    Hi! Thanks for sharing your mommy experiences.. =D
    have passed an award for you. check it out!

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      Hi Einz,

      Thank you its a pleasure.

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    visit here with smile and happiness

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    Good job!!

    Keep it up!

  • krizza

    Hi there! My first time to visit your page and I would say that yours is really an informative one….I agree that being a mother is the most challenging task, not to mention that it is very fulfilling, too. More power to your site!


  • kaye

    hi,supermom my first time sa blog n’yo. very nice and helpful

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Kaye,

      Your welcome here and Thanks!

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    Grabbed your badge already, I hope you’ll get mine too. :)

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      Smart Mommy,

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    great blog, im your latest follower, you have a very cute son.


    Super Mommy is a wonderful blog. I like your blog and hope have visit frequently, just let me know your new post.

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    i find it a great boost when i read blogs about mommy experiences. you have a lovely blog here =)

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    I am also a Super Mommy!! Sometimes it’s very hard but I would not give it up anything in the world!!