Super Mommy Jem welcomes you!

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jem's avatarBeing a mother is the most challenging task in the world and the highest paying job that money can’t pay. It takes a thousand words to describe what a mommy can give to a child and do for her family. I have created this website for everyone especially moms so they can relate, learn and enjoy being a mommy based from my real experiences. I also included some articles that will keep us updated in our lives. This is my share for a wonderful blessing as a Super Mommy.

The most informative article post that I have created are about “Budget Wedding“, “Pregnancy”, “Baby Care“,  “Feng Shui Tips before you buy a house and Lot“, “Work at home online especially for moms“, Kid’s Birthday Party at Mc Donalds and a lot more.

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Jem Alvarado

Work-at-home Independent Contractor
Web administrator- Mommy Blogger. Independent Contractor. Full time mommy with two kids; very supportive to family and a loving wife. Living in a simple life. Computer Engineering Graduate. Previous works - Web Evaluator, Technical Support, Call Center agent, Collections staff, Local Store Marketing, Businesswoman, and an Internet cafe owner.

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  1. Passionate Blogger

    You doing a great job creating this blog SuperMom. Love the design too – simple and yet beautiful. Keep up the good work. Will come back for more.

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Passionate Blogger,

      Thanks for appreciating my blog. You inspired me to update this blog and to finish the construction. I will surely visit your blog.

  2. lots of tips here thru mommy hood

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Yen,
      Thanks for dropping a comment. I would really love to share all the good things about motherhood.

  3. is this a new one mommy? well, you’ve done a great job! it’s so comforting to know that mommies like us can still relate and share our experiences online! have a great day!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Pinx,

      Thanks for dropping a comment. This is really my dream site, I remember when I am pregnant I have so many questions to ask and it was so hard to find the answers that I can relate on so I decided to come up with this site so I can help mommies especially the first time moms.

  4. hi jem, this is my first time here =) nice blog you have i can relate. ANyway, i will add your 2 blogs in my blogroll =)

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Mona,

      Thank you so much! I will also create my network links for blogroll probably this weekend and I will also add your badge here.

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your mommy experiences.. =D
    have passed an award for you. check it out!

  6. visit here with smile and happiness

  7. Educational Toys, Mary

    Good job!!

    Keep it up!

  8. Hi there! My first time to visit your page and I would say that yours is really an informative one….I agree that being a mother is the most challenging task, not to mention that it is very fulfilling, too. More power to your site!


  9. hi,supermom my first time sa blog n’yo. very nice and helpful

  10. Smart Mommy

    Grabbed your badge already, I hope you’ll get mine too. :)

  11. Mommy added ko na to sa pinaysahm ko.

  12. thank u for visiting my site…will follow urs new to blogging..will read ur blogs for resource thanks!

  13. momdaughterreviews

    great blog, im your latest follower, you have a very cute son.


    Super Mommy is a wonderful blog. I like your blog and hope have visit frequently, just let me know your new post.

    • supermommyjem


      Thanks! To receive new updates from my weblog please subscribe and enter your email address at the upper left portion of the page.

  15. tagadavaoko

    hi im visiting from the bloggers exchange. the april links are out and i believe my link is wrong because of an extra character. if you’ll ever put up the links on your blog, please edit my link: thanks!

    im still working on my links! :)
    thanks again :)

  16. dropping by..adgitizing too..great blog, btw!

    • supermommyjem

      HI Gagay,

      Thanks for adgitizing here. Actually I regularly adgitize in your blog.

  17. i find it a great boost when i read blogs about mommy experiences. you have a lovely blog here =)

    I’m Lui of MyCraftingDen. Visiting here via TBE =)
    My TBE links are up, will be dropping by here regularly..Have a great week!

  18. visitng from TBE!! :) greate site!!

  19. Catherine - Our Village is a Little Different

    Hi supermommy! I’m stopping by with the april Blogger’s Exchange and I an following with Twitter and facebook. I love mom blogs, and look forward to reading more.

  20. momdaughterstyle

    Visiting you from the bloggers exchange April link.

    Great job!

    I hope you check out my latest jewelry review post that I made.

  21. great site to share your knowledge with us. bloghop thru tbe

    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  22. Got no updates yet, mommy? Visiting from TBE.

  23. Done adding your blog in my two blogs you can check it out here I also followed you. Hope you do the same, see you there!

  24. jared's mum

    i’ve been a frequent visitor here thru different memes + whatnots! i love your site + you really are doing a great job in being a supermom!
    stopping by from TBE;)

  25. Visiting from TBE,, God bless..

  26. hi, it’s my first time here but ill be coming back each day ( : love your posts. keep on writing! ( ;

  27. visiting from tbe!!

  28. clickmarbin

    sana mag blog na rin momma ko para di na ko sinasaway sa pag co computer ko…heheh…nice blog, i followed.

  29. hi sis checking out your budget wedding post

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    Could you please share the theme that you are using for this blog? It looks quite unique, simple, but attractive. I am looking for somthing just like that.

  31. I’m not a mummy yet, but i hope to became soon….a super mummy!!!!!

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    Thank you so much for this great webite! It is very informative.

  33. it is great to share Mommy experiences, it brings a feeling of happiness when our experiences can bring help to other Moms too :) Welcome to the world of Mommy blogs :)

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  35. Hi I am a new follower, I came from Wednesday Hump Day, hope you can stop by my blog as well.
    Thanks, Karren

  36. I am also a Super Mommy!! Sometimes it’s very hard but I would not give it up anything in the world!!