Kid’s Birthday Party Package at McDonald’s Philippines

I would like to share a well-detailed information about Kid’s Birthday Party at McDonald’s Philippines.

Last October 9, 2010 my son’s 2nd birthday was celebrated at McDonalds’ North Avenue Corner Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, Philippines. This is a good place for birthday parties because it has a nice function room and a cute big play area for kids last 2010. Update as of 2/5/12: McDonalds’ North Avenue Corner Mindanao Avenue Quezon City was already renovated and now there is no play area for kids but there is still a party area. The location of this store branch is also ideal because it is just a walking distance from Trinoma mall and SM North Edsa.

Information on McDonald’s Birthday Party in the Philippines as of May 2013:

Available McDonald’s Party Themes to choose:

Ronald and the Gang or Disney Fairies —- Party fee at Php 2,000

Disney Princess ———————————Party fee at Php 3,000

Mickey Mouse and friends———————Party fee at Php 3,000

Toy Story——————————Party fee at Php 3,000

McDonald’s Party fee inclusions (good for 30 persons/kids)

  • 30 Invitation Cards
  • 30 Giveaways/ Loot bags with Thank you cards
  • 30 Balloons
  • 30 Party Hats/ Name Tags
  • 30 Activity Tray Mats
  • Birthday Greeter Banner
  • Game Prizes
  • Character Appearance (Kiddie McDonald/ Grimace or Hamburglar depending on the availability in the store branch)
  • Party Hosting
  • Gift for the Celebrator (Depending on the promo or store availability)
Greeter banner

McDonald’s birthday Greeter banner

McDonalds Giveaways

McDonald’s Giveaways

McDonalds Grimace


McDonald's Birthday Party kids

Kids at McDonalds

McDonald’s Party Food Package:

Party Package 1: Php 141

  • McSpaghetti Happy Meal (with toy!)
  • Regular Fries
  • Hot Fudge Sundae

Party Package 2: Php 154

  • 1 pc-Chicken McDo with Rice Happy Meal (with toy!)
  • Regular Fries
  • Hot Fudge Sundae

Party Package 3: Php 130

  • Burger McDo Happy Meal (with toy!)
  • Regular Fries
  • Hot Fudge Sundae

Party Package 4: Php 164

  • 1-pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti Value meal
  • Regular Fries
  • Hot Fudge Sundae

Cake: (optional)

McDonald’s Birthday Party Reservation:

The required partial payment or a down payment to book for a party reservation date and time is the amount of the party fee of the chosen party theme. For example you choose Ronald and the Gang party theme, you have to pay Php2, 000 to book the party reservation date. Upon payment for the reservation, you will receive 30 Invitation cards, an official receipt for the partial payment and a McDonald’s In-store birthday party contract of services.

The remaining party bill (food and cake) and any additional will be paid after the party.

McDonald’s Fun Birthday Party Program

  • Party time: Approximately one and a half hours to two.
  • Party Program: The party host will handle the program together with party assistant/s. They will prepare the program sequence.
  • Usual Birthday Party Program sequence: Greeting the birthday Celebrator, Blowing of Candle, party games (kids/ adult), Eating time, Distribution of giveaways/ loot bags,  Character Appearance and Thank you message.

Supermommyjem notes: This is just a well-detailed sharing about McDonald’s Birthday Party so I can help others especially moms who are planning to celebrate their kid’s party at McDonald’s. I am not connected to McDonald’s but I have been part of their company before when I work as a Local Store Marketing. Based on my experience, McDonald’s always deliver quality products and services. Kid’s birthday is truly fun with gifts and birthday greetings while Birthday Quotes are great for adults.

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    an online resource for planning a kiddie party in the Philippines. this may be helpful in your next party planning.


  • jean

    a very detailed and helpful information.. i’m planning to celebrate my son’s 1st bday in mc donalds early next year!

  • Thess

    Hi Mommy Jem! thanks for the comment =)
    I’m really hoping that my son’s 1st birthday party at McDo will turn out to be as successful as yours. Happy blogging!

  • Jea

    im planning to celebrate my 28th bday in McDo next year :))
    can i choose the food package?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Jea,

      Yes you can choose their food package and you can also order any additional or meal that you want or you can also create your own package just coordinate with them. Before during my time when I worked at McDonald’s in the year 1998-2000, you can only choose the available package that they have but it is different now customers are given an option to create their meal package.

  • cathy

    hello there….we are going to celebrate our baby’s 1st bday in mcdonalds quezon avenue….how much all in all did u pay for ur kids bday party….

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Cathy,

      All in all, I paid approximately Php 11, 000 for 50 guest. The breakdown is Php2, 000 for the party fee, Php 7,600 chosen food package (152 x 50) and party cake Php 1, 200 that I ordered from them by Merced (Choco moist Icing cake- 100% delicious that your family will love). Good luck to your kid’s party and Enjoy!

  • kathrina
    • supermommyjem

      Hi Kathrina,

      You may try this numbers for Merced Bakeshop 924-0191/ 924-0188/ 924-2108. I suggest you personally go to their bakeshop because there’s a lot of yummy cakes, pastries and goodies there. I went there and bought my birthday cake last Nov. 22 and I also bought other goodies for my little son.

  • Tet

    Wow this saved me a lot of time from inquiring. I’ll be booking really early for my daughter’s 3rd birthday on February 12th. still scouting for other nice branches near Pasig as I am from there. I’ll be setting up a photobooth and facepainter as well so the area’s got to be big!

  • Liyah

    Hi! Thank you very much for the blog.

    i’m planning to held our upcoming christmas party at Mcdonald’s but since my friends and i are all busy, we cannot go to the nearest mcdonald’s and inquire. kailangan po bang at least amonth before magpareserve or kahit a week before???

    thanks mommmy”,)

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Liyah,

      Actually a month before is the best time to reserve for the party but I believe Mc Donald’s may allow the party to be reserve two weeks or a week before the event for as long as the target date is still available; I suggest you should inquire with them personally.

  • princess_kulas

    thanks so much for this…

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Princess,

      You’re welcome! Its good to know that someone appreciated my article.

  • mynameisalice

    Merry Christmas, supermommyjem!

    Do you happen to know if I can have my party at a venue outside McDo and still have them as my organizer/caterer/etc?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Alice,

      As far as I know if you are going to have a party venue outside McDo, you can still order bulk orders (including the toys if you wanted) from them through delivery or you can arrange personally but I think that they will not allow the party host or organizer to handle the party.

  • benyl mar

    can i make a online booking at mcdo nearest my place? I like to celebrate my son’s first bday in mcdo by jan 22, 2011. i’m from comembo makati so where is the closest mcdo in my place? or do u have some special recommendation for me….. thanks and waiting for your immediate reply

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Benyl,

      I believe you can only order online for McDonalds food delivery but with party reservation and booking you should personally arrange it with the manager-in-charge or party coordinator of the store branch. I think the closest McDo branch in your area is located at McDonald’s Guadalupe (G/f ABC Commercial Complex, Guadalupe, Makati City, Telephone (632) 882-0946,(632) 882-1651 loc 284). I was able to get these info from their website for more details on store locations you may visit their site at McDonalds Store locator.

  • pell grant

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  • Merlyn Tayo

    Hi, thank you so much for the blog! My youngest kid will be having his 2nd bday this feb6. Your blog came in handy :-). I was having a hard time getting all the infos from mcdo’s website. For a mom like me whose working abroad, she would only want the best for her kids. You really helped me a lot! The last time we held a mcdo bday party for our 2nd child was last Sept2006, but i was still in the Philippines. Now, its kinda little hard to plan away from home :-(. Anyway, thanks again. Happy New Year and more blessings to come this 2011!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Merlyn,
      Your welcome! It’s always a pleasure to share in little ways I can especially for moms that would be very helpful. Good Luck to your kid’s birthday, Happy new year too and God Bless!

      • Merlyn Tayo

        thanks for the reply. i have one question though. what if the number of kids attending the party is 35, will the party fee be the same? im planning to get the ronald and the gang theme and it costs P2,000 for 30 kids.

      • supermommyjem

        Hi Merlyn,

        Your Welcome. I believe you can request an additional party favors such as party hats, invitation cards, tray mats, name tags, giveaways and game prizes with an additional cost on the party fee. Please coordinate to McDonald’s store branch for more details.

      • Merlyn Tayo

        Hi! Finally, my sister was able to finalize the reservation at McDonalds-Marikina Bayan for the 2nd bday of my unico hijo on Feb 6! 35 kids and 35 adults, Ronald and the gang theme, 12×16 choco moist icing cake. Total cost-P13,025. She paid 2k for the reservation. She had a hard time getting a slot because the sched was so full. Good thing, one back out so she was able to get the 1:00-2:30pm slot which is an ideal time for the guests coming from the south and east, they have enough time to travel. Now, my siblings would just have to organize who’s responsible for taking pictures and entertaining the guests. Thanks a lot again! All the infos I got from you were really useful. God bless you and your family always…

  • Bernadette

    This is actually more of a question….I wish to hold the 7th bday party of my son at McDonald’s. My question is can I only avail the emcee and venue features. I’ll be the one to provide the souvenirs, prizes, banners and cake. This is also for the purpose of customizing the said party and at the same time I can have other options in choosing other food lists from your store. Hope to receive a feedback asap. Thank you very much

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Bernadette,

      I am no longer connected with Mc Donalds but I used to worked there from year 1998-2000 then I got created this information about Mc Donalds Party Packages when I held my son’s 2nd birthday there last October 2010. I think you should speak personally with their party coordinator to what setup you like if you wanted to personalize it to be unique. I believe that if you are going to avail the emcee and venue, you should pay for their party fee and to follow what you want on the party setup you should coordinate with them so you will know what are the things that you can adjust for the party.

      I would suggest that if you wanted to customize the party, you can just provide your own souvenirs, banners, cake, etc. just inform the party coordinator/s but you have to pay for the regular party fee and it is up to you on what to do with the included party favors, prizes, etc. Regarding the food package, you can choose what food package or combination you like from Mc Donalds just make sure to coordinate with them personally because sometimes there are different store policies depending on the branch.

  • kristine

    hi po! was browsing for info kasi we’re kinda undecided pa kng jollibee or mcdo nmin ccelebrate 1st birthday ni baby. when you had your son’s party at mcdo north ave caltex, how was the program? naka-ilan games po kayo? kasi, ung mga guests ko, 1-2 years old lang din ung mga babies, i was thinking, bka standard ung mga games eh mga bata pa masyado ung guests. im planning to go there tom to visit but i’d like to know kng natuwa nmn kayo sa games nila.. kng masaya ba.. ilan mascot na lumabas nun? thanks po tlga sa feedback..

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Kristine,

      The birthday party of my son at McDonalds North Ave. Cor. Mindanao Ave. was really fun. I believe that Party games depends on the type of guest (age, gender and volume).. If the kids are too young like ages 1-2 years old then I think the games will be accompanied with parents or older ones. Better coordinate personally with the party coordinator there for your other concerns. We enjoyed our party celebration there with the guests when I asked them. Regarding the character appearance/mascot, I only choose one character and that is Grimace. Character Appearance also depends on the store branch.

  • analiza Vinas

    any gift from mcdonald to the celebrant?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Analiza,

      My little boy who celebrated the birthday party at Mc Donalds received a simple gifts from Mc Donalds. The gift contains assorted toys that you can see from their store. Gifts depends on the Store branch.

  • Beth

    Hi po!

    Thanks for the info nyo..plan po kc nmin gawin sa mcdo ung 1st bday ng daughter ko..ilang guests po usualy ang allowed nila..maximum po??kc mga nakita mga 50 lang ata eh..usually di ba may mga guests na adults na walang mga kids..ano po mga meal avail..aside from chicken?meron ba cla mga other choices?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Beth,

      It depends on the Mc Donald’s branch for the capacity of the guests that they can accommodate better ask your chosen Mc Donalds branch to celebrate the party. Aside from the food package, you may choose or create your own food combination available at the Mc Donald’s branch just coordinate with them if they will allow it and for other suggestions.

  • inah

    hi, jem, thank you for these informations. very helpful. -inah

    • supermommyjem

      Your welcome!

  • Beth

    thanks mommy jem,

  • Pingback: Super Mommy Jem welcomes you! « Experience of a Super Mommy

  • april

    hi jem,

    so thankful for your helped me convince my husband to have our baby’s 1st bday party at mcdonald’s.
    thanks a lot..!!

  • Margaux

    Thanks for the post! I’m a mom and i always plan my daughter’s birthday ahead of time! Blogs like yours really help a lot! You really are a super mom!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Margaux,

      Your Welcome!

  • Gemma

    Hi! Thnks for this blog. It gave me info.

  • inni

    hi! my daughter is a hannah montana/miley cyrus fanatic and wanted to celebrate her 7th birthday at mcdo. i am just wondering that instead of the usual birthday program, can we do a mini debutant program? thanks!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Inni,

      Yes! Actually you can request that to the party coordinator. I have experience that mini debutant program alike at McDo UN Avenue way back year 1999. You just have to suggest and coordinate it with the party coordinator or manager-in-charge.

      • Yshta

        heloo… ano po mas mura sa kfc or sa mcdo?

      • supermommyjem

        Hi Yshta,
        I tried to inquire in both fast food chain and I found out that Mc Donalds is cheaper.

  • Yshta

    hi! ask ko lang, updated pa din po ba yung package party price na ka post, for this year 2011?… im planning for the 1st bday and christening of my baby… mas ok siguro kung sa fast food na lang i-celebrate yung bday and christening ng baby ko… kaysa sa bahay… super effort kasi pag sa bahay…

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Yshta,

      The price posted is not yet updated for 2011 but I believe that if they will increase the price for 2011 there is only a small difference like 20- 30 pesos. It is very convenient to celebrate the party at the fast food chain… less hassle, less stress and they are accommodating… Kindly call or visit them for any updates this is the link for their store locator just select a city and put a tick mark on birthdays then click on search for your query.

  • jo hilario

    can we bring in extra food from outside. my niece wants to have a cupcake tower in her party so would it be ok if ever we do the party at mcdonalds?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Jo,

      I believe they allowed only cakes/cupcakes but other foods are not. Kindly contact the store branch of the location of the Mc Donalds party.

  • raquel

    thank u very much for the very helpful infos.
    mcdo it is for my sons bday this coming june.

  • JLo

    We celebrated my husbands’ 30th birthday at McDonalds West Avenue naman. Kakatuwa lang kasi mga adult ang guests playing kids games etc… –

  • Lani

    thanks for the info.. might celebrate my daughter’s 1st bday there too :-)

  • alma

    hi thanks sa blog nyo kc gusto ko rin mag celebrate ang baby ko sa 1st bday nya sa Mcdo sa september 7 pa naman ok lang po ba sa kanila ang payment ko ay installment para hindi mabigat masyado sa bulsa like mgstart ng june ang payment?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Alma,

      I think they will advise you to keep the money first but you can always coordinate with them to what is the most convenient way for you to pay in advance.

  • Zai

    Thanks for sharing…im looking for a best package for kiddie party…and it seems Mcdo is the best one…not that expensive! Thanks again!

  • iryn

    thanks for the information.. a really big help for us moms preparing for our baby’s big day.. :)

  • jenelle

    ask lang po ako kung nagcacatering din po b kayo

  • con


    I am just wondering if drinks are already included in the food package? I noticed it wasn’t mentioned in your list…thanks.

    • supermommyjem

      Yes drinks are included in the package. You can choose the variant like coke or sprite.

  • Ailyne

    Hi! Thanks for the information… big help! :) Though i have another question… Can i bring magician & another costumed emcee? Thanks again!

    • supermommyjem

      I think you can request for that better coordinate with the party coordinator.

  • Joy

    Hi, would u have an idea if the prices for the party packages are still the same? Since your son celebrated his birthday last Oct 2010, prices may have gone up by now. Thanks!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Joy, I am not sure if the prices already change today but I believe that if they have increase it will be an additional of approximately Php30 – Php50 per package. Please coordinate with the store branch.

  • issa

    hi,ask ko lng po kung pwede mag request sa knila ng video cam.thnx

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Issa, I think some branch may recommend a video service for an additional fee. please coorinate with the store branch

  • mona

    hi! im planning for my daughter’s 1st birthday in september…wooosh 3 months preparation only! would you know if mcdonalds has accredited suppliers like for baloons, face painting and photobooth? i would like to have these on my child’s birthday :) thanks!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi, I believe it depends on Mc donalds branch like in greenbelt they have some recommendations for that when I happen to read their flyers. Better coordinate with the store branch.

  • kthine

    hi..just wanna ask lang po..lahat ba ng mcdo branch hindi nagbibigay ng lootbags?
    kc last month nagtanong ako sa mcdo (west ave branch) sabi sakin di raw included ang lootbags eh only giveaways lang daw which is big ballpen..tnx po!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi, I believe it depends on the branch but majority of the store has the same package. Giveaways depends on the party theme and availability so better coordinate with the branch.

  • mami bles

    Thank you so much for this post! this is very, very helpful! ask ko lang if the food packages come with drinks? thanks much!!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi mami bles, you’re welcome. A regular drink is also included in their food package.

  • Angelica

    Ask ko po magkano po ang 120 person package 4 na food. And Disney princess na theme? Thank u

    • supermommyjem

      Please inquire to the store branch. My post listed above is a very good article for you to have an idea on what and how much approximately the cost of the party.

  • johnyn

    thanks you sa post… give idea where to spend my daughters 1st birthday party…

  • Luz

    Hi may I ask if I can have a birthday party for my daughter’s first birthday? Where is the biggest Mcdo. Venue in Cagayan de Oro?

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Luz,

      According to the website store locator of McDonalds Philippines, there is only one store of Mc Donalds that has a function area for the birthday parties and the is McDonald’s Cagayan De Oro Limketkai. Please ask the store branch this is the contact number McDonald’s Cagayan De Oro Limketkai, Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Telephone (088) 856-3693.

  • bday celebrant

    hi, thanks for sharing. how was the cake? was it good enough for the pictures? or was it plain and simple? i don’t care too much about the taste actually.

    • supermommyjem


      The Merced Cake is really delicious. Almost every birthday celebration that we have at home we love to buy Merced cake especially the “Marshmallow icing” cake. I love their vanilla marshmallow icing cake. It has a different taste compared to the regular cakes.

  • dang samson

    Hi Jen!

    Is it possible if I choose my own theme? I would like to have nba or basketball theme for my son’s 2nd birthday…

    Mommy Dang

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Dang,

      Mc Donald’s have their own party theme but if you wanted to have your own then better coordinate with the store. I think you have to choose for the McDonald’s regular party theme then you have to design and prepare your own party theme that is quite expensive and you have a lot of work to do.

  • mhay

    hi..thanks for the info.. i am planning to celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday in mcdonalds on the 17th of July..
    my questions are:
    1. is it ok if i add some prices/loot bags?
    2. will they allow me to have my own
    -add balloons
    -ice cream cart (sorbetes with sorbetero) they allow party outside their store.. (residential areas)

    i just want to have some ideas..
    Thank you and God Bless…

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Mhay,
      for my answers to your query:
      1. I believe its ok to add prices/ loot bags because I have done that in the party of my son.
      cake, tarpaulin, photobooth, balloons=?- they will allow you to choose on your own
      ice cream cart – I think they will not allow this
      3. I believe they don’t allow party outside the store but you can order bulk for delivery if you wanted just the food package.

      I hope my answer may help you.

  • bday celebrant

    thanks for replying about the cake. actually, i’m not very much concerned about the cake’s taste. i am more after the way it looks. they told me that the cake is free and included in the package. and since it is free, i suspect that it will be plain, simple and not decorated according to the party theme. i asked them if they have a picture of the cake. they just told me that it is a regular cake. A REGULAR CAKE?

    • supermommyjem


      When my son celebrated his birthday at Mc Donalds North Avenue Corner Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, Philippines, the cake is optional. If you wanted to order a cake from that branch, they will order that cake from Merced Bakeshop and they showed some photos of the cake with design. The design depends on the party theme that you have from Mcdonalds and the price depends on the size. I can say that the design of the cake with party theme is very simple- mostly a thin cardboard with Mc Donald’s theme design.

      Regarding the free cake, if the branch told you that it is already included in the package (I think it’s their current promo) better clarify the kind of cake that they will provide. I also have an experience with free cake from Mc Donalds birthday party of my niece two years ago but my sister ordered a separate cake with theme design because the free cake is a regular cake meaning it doesn’t have a party theme design. The free cake only have a message “Happy Birthday ______, From Mc Donalds”.

  • Melody Rodenas

    can i make a online booking at mcdo nearest my place? I like to celebrate my daughter’s 7th bday in mcdo on aug. 20, 2011. i’m from Bacoor cavite but i want it to be celebrated in pasay or makati area.So where is the closest mcdo in my place? or do u have some special recommendation for me….. thanks and waiting for your immediate reply

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Melody,

      Currently online booking for party at McDo is not yet available. If you wanted to celebrate your daughter’s birthday party in Makati or Pasay what I can help is to give you the Md Donald’s store branch accessible that is accepting birthday parties. The information that I gathered below came from the website. I would recommend you to choose nearest location and accessible branch which is at the Pasay branch. You and your guest may also take LRT to go there. Better call the store branch first then immediately personally drop by to the store to pay for the reservation since the birthday will be less than a month in preparation.

      Mc Donald’s Pasay branch:
      McDonald’s Baclaran Rotonda
      Redemptorist cor. FB Harrison, Rotonda Baclaran, Pasay City, Telephone (632) 854-4456

      McDonald’s EDSA Taft Rotonda
      2851 Brgy. San Roque, Taft Avenue, Edsa Rotondo, Pasay City, Telephone (632) 551-5627

      McDonald’s Taft Libertad
      Taft cor. Libertad Street, Pasay City, Telephone (632) 833-8113

      Mc Donald’s Makati branch:
      McDonald’s Guadalupe
      G/f ABC Commercial Complex, Guadalupe, Makati City, Telephone (632) 882-0946,(632) 882-1651 loc 284

      McDonald’s Greenbelt
      Paseo de Roxas cor. Esperanza st., Greenbelt, Makati City, Telephone (632) 894-5959,(632) 819-3737

  • Hershey


    Would you know if Mcdonalds accepts Credit Card as form of payment? or only cash basis? Thanks! :)

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Hershey,

      I believe that they are only accepting cash payments but I believe that they are starting to upgrade their systems so better coordinate with the store branch of Mc Donalds. Sometimes it depends on the store branch.

  • Corazon G. Asis

    papano po pag 50 and guest ko pano po ung sa matatanda kasama n rin po b un at mag kano po b pag 50 person 50 ung bata tpos 50 ung matatanda..
    tapos sa 30 person n offer nyo pano ung sa matatanda kasama n po b un at mag kano po ung 30 visitor… at ung cake free n rin po b…pls answer n man po kaagad kasi mag birthday po ung anak ko sa sept mas maganda kung alam ko n kung mag kano….salamat po

    • supermommyjem

      Hi corazon,

      Minimum of 30 persons po ang party theme fee package kung 50 kids ang guest, ask nyo po ang party coordinator kung magkano mag-add ng 20 party favors.

      Separate package order po ang food. Depende po sa inyo kung gusto nyo same ang food package ng bata at matanda. Kung total ng guest nyo po ay 100 kasama ang bata ibig sabihin kung magkano ang per person ng food package na gusto po i-multiply lng po sa 100.

      Pakibasa po ang post almost complete po ang details. About sa cake optional po pede po kayo order sa mcdonalds or sa bakeshop. Kausapin nyo po ang manager or party coordinator ng store branch. I wish you will have a great party!

  • McPein

    a very useful blog :) thanx for this.. now i have an idea how much will it cost us ^_^ coz my wife wanted to celebrate our son’s 1st bday @ mcdonalds too.. but i prefer shakeys do u have any idea how much will it be in shakeys’?

    for mcdonalds our budget is 10k.. is it too much or not at all’? i think we’re going to invite atleast not more than 50 person..

    • supermommyjem


      According to one of my friend who celebrated his son’s bday at shakeys they cost them php4,500 plus for 28 persons. Good luck!

  • McPein

    our budget is 150 – 200 PHP / head

  • vheeh

    helo!ur blog is so nice.were planning to hold our baby’s first bday in mcdonalds alabang near town center..until now po b,same prin ung charges?pwde po b ask ng # ng mcdo dun sa my town center bnda po if u have kc po.ryt now,im still in d province.bka 2nd wk pa po ng sept.blik ko ng ung party sna s sa oct.1.hope i cud get a response frm u po.thank u.

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Vheeh,

      Regarding the charges for the food packages, I think it already increase but as far as I know the amount is not too much. I think the price increase range from an additional Php20 to Php50. I will update this post for the price once I have verified it.

      For your request on Mc Donalds contact numbers in Alabang, here’s their contact numbers:
      McDonald’s Alabang: Alabang Commercial, Alabang-Zapote Road cor. Madrigal Ave. Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Telephone (632) 807-6021,(632) 807-6022
      McDonald’s Festival Mall Ground Level: Level 1 Alabang Junction, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Telephone (632) 850-3639

  • Imee

    Hi, I checked the north ave cor. Mindanao ave branch and it’s closed for renovation. Can you suggest another venue with a nice playground?
    Also, can our guest (childrens) play in the playground area before and after the party.

    Thanks a lot:-)

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Imee,

      You can check out other Mc Donalds branch with a playground at the following:

      McDonald’s Quezon Avenue

      Quezon Blvd. Cor. West 4th st., Quezon City, Telephone 376-4587

      Mc Donalds branch with birthday party and playground at Quezon City

      McDonald’s Tomas Morato
      Tomas Morato cor. Roces Avenue, Quezon City, Telephone (632) 925-2310,(632) 411-5513
      McDonald’s North Ave. Caltex
      North Avenue cor. Mindanao Ave., Quezon City, Telephone (632) 927-6382
      McDonald’s West Ave.
      110 West Avenue, Quezon City, Telephone (632) 926-9770

      Please call them or visit their respective branch to physically view their store. I suggest you ask the manager or the party coordinator there for your queries… Good luck!

  • imee

    thanks alot!!!!

    you’ve been a really big help :)

  • monica


    thanks for ur blog, i actually looking for a
    place to celebrate my son’s bday party
    next year. im checking on wc fast food but
    only jollibee and kfc can give infos, currently
    mcd website for kiddie parties is upgrading.
    just want to ask which party store in manila
    have the biggest party room that can accomodate
    200 guests??? can i book as early as oct 1? im
    working here in singapore and ill be on my
    5 day leave and im not yet sure if i can take my
    leave again on december so i want to book
    early…can bring in other give aways and
    can i ask for a longer timing and more
    games and added programs since my guests
    is much more than the party package
    requirements? thanks so much…its a
    great help since cant inquire on their
    website. appreciate ur help…


    • supermommyjem

      Hi Monica,

      I think the biggest Mc Donalds store that can handle 200 guest in Manila is located in United Avenue in Manila. Please coordinate with them at McDonald’s UN Avenue,
      563 United Nations Avenue cor. M.Y. Orosa st., Ermita, Manila, Telephone (632) 521-9718,(632) 521-2628. About face painting, I haven’t tried face painting services but you may try the one that I have found from at

      I think you can always book as early as you wanted just make sure to pay the down payment fee. You can bring other giveaways and you may ask longer time depending on the store branch. Usually if there is no party on the succeeding time then you can request for time extension but it still depends on the store branch so better coordinate with them. You can also add games and programs provided that you have coordinated it with the party coordinator.

  • monica

    thank u very much, appreciate it…how about
    in qc? wc store can handle 200 guests so i
    can suggest to my hubby…he’s looking at
    mcd retiro? im currently working at mcd in
    singapore so deciding to have d party there
    than jb coz they know that jb is mcd’s
    competitor in php. thanks again

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Monica,

      I don’t have an idea to which store in QC can handle 200 guests. Please try to call or have your hubby coordinate with their QC store branches:

      McDonald’s Banaue
      Banaue st. cor. Tirad Pass, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City, Telephone (632) 415-3580,(632) 749-3373

      McDonald’s E. Rodriguez
      E. Rodriguez Ave. Cor. Juana Rodriguez, Quezon City, Telephone (632) 410-4368,(632) 722-9287

      McDonald’s Katipunan
      Katipunan Ave. Cor. Rosa Alvaro St., Quezon City, Telephone (632) 433-6571,(632) 920-1966

      McDonald’s Gateway Mall
      Space No. 001 – 003, Gateway, Araneta Center, Q.C., Telephone 913-7313

  • monica

    my hubby also here in sg…will rather ask my sister to
    coordinate with them…thanks so much

  • Ann

    Hi there! I am planning for my nephew’s 7th birthday and found your post VERY INFORMATIVE.:) Thanks so much for the help! :)

    • supermommyjem

      Your welcome! :)

  • http://Yahoo Steve

    Which/What & where branch is best for a kiddie party?

  • patty

    Hi there mommy jem! Thank you for sharing us this information… I just want to have an idea more or less how much it would cost me if my visitors would be around 60 pax. Also, my daughter is turning 4 end of february and im planning to have it at mcdonalds near resorts world. do you have their contact number so i can book asap.

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Patty,

      There is a Mc Donalds store inside resorts world but they do not accept birthday parties there.. The nearest store I think is McDonald’s Shell Macapagal
      Shell Power Station, Diosdado Macapagal Highway corner Bradco Avenue,Parañaque City, Telephone 854-6906…. It depends on the Mcdonalds food package and theme but approximately it would range from 14,000 to 17,000.. You may visit Mc Donalds for birthday parties at

  • Mikha

    Super thank you for your post! It really helped me about the prices of the food and about the themed package! Super thank you! Godbless mommy!

  • jack

    Hi, would you know kung tumatanggap sila ng wedding? May nabasa kasi ako sa manila bulletin na ang reception nila is sa Mc Do Las Pinas. Thanks

    • supermommyjem


      I think some store accept wedding parties. I have read also that in Manila Bulletin and I think it is Mc Donalds Taft or Quirino. Try to inquire or call Mc Donalds. Better speak with the manager in charge. Here is the link of the Mc Donalds store locator.

  • maan


    do you have online booking? so that i can choose what’s best?…

    • supermommyjem

      Mc Donald’s online booking to contact them directly with three steps at Just follow the instructions.

  • Joan Vids

    Hi mommy jem,would you know what location or mcdo branch can accomodate 150 guests? thankyou

    • Jem Alvarado

      Hi Joan,

      I think Mc Donald’s UN Ave. can accommodate 150 guests because before (year 1999)they are accepting big parties. Please visit or call them at 563 United Nations Avenue cor. M.Y. Orosa st., Ermita, Manila, Telephone (632) 521-9718,(632) 521-2628. You may also ask them directly to any store recommendations.

  • Almira Rellita

    We’ll my experience at Mcdonalds Alabang Town Center was not a good one, our party didn’t start on time, party host are not energetic, food servers are not organized. i asked them if they already served all 100 pax and answered yes , so i ask for additional food. at the end of my son’s party it came out that i have more than 10more foods that are not served..One of our food attendant spill all the coke that he was about to serve.. Poor service!!! the cake was not yummy..I regret choosing them over Jollibee.

    • Jem Alvarado

      Hi Almira,

      Sorry to hear that you have that bad experience at Mc Donald’s Alabang. It would be best if you have spoken to their manager-in-charge or ask to rate their party service so that they will know your experience after the party. This way they can learn from their mistakes and shortcomings; it will be a lesson to them to adjust and do some progress to improve their service.

  • http://facebook nina guevara

    hi!!! my sister is going to have her 1st bday at mcdo.i just want to know that can we add some pace painters , magician and some boots that the children will enjoy.?

    • Jem Alvarado

      Hi Nina,

      Celebrating birthday at McDo will allow you for 2-2 and a half hours only it is better you personally talk to the party in charge or manager if you are going to add face painters and magician. Having face paint and magician would take more time.

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  • Fretzie Calo

    Hi, i need a help from you guys….my son will celebrating his 7th birthday this coming Nov.19, 2012. I want a unique and simple & of course an affordable price party on his birthday.But my problem is my vacation start on Nov.16,2012, from dubai to manila(House Location – Rosario Cavite) do you think i have still time to manage his party because only me can do it.Im planning to have party MC DO near our place.

    • Jem Alvarado

      Hi Fretzie,

      I think it is better if you can ask and let one of your close relative or friend to do the inquiry and reservation at McDo near your place. In my experience, BER months are usually full in reservation so better do the inquiry earlier. You can also use the online inquiry at Mcdonalds at just follow the simple steps. Good luck!

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  • medi

    hi i lke how you made it it is sooo good

  • GinoJum

    HI! McDonalds here in our City is newly opened. I wanna try it also, I have read and hear about their birthday party and I really wanted to try it also.

  • popoy miguel

    ask ko lang naisipan kse namin na sa mcdo i-celebrate ung 1st birthday ng baby ko .. matanong ko lng kung how much ang mgagastos if may 50 guest kme .. gusto sna nmn sa mcdonalds greenbelt ..

    • Jem Alvarado

      Hi Popoy,

      Yung magagastos nyo sa Mcdo birthday party bill depends sa party package and party theme.

      For Example for 50 persons if you choose Food party package 4 with Toy story party theme:

      Food party package 4 – Php164 x 50 persons = Php 8, 200
      Toy Story Party theme ———————= Php 3,000
      Total bill is —————————–= Php 11, 200 (as of April 2013)

      It would still be better to visit and talk to the Manager-in-charge for the arrangement. Good Luck!