Mommy Moments Before and After

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This is my first time to join the mommy moments meme (before and after) by The Mommy Journey blog .

Here is the photo of my Little boy at two months and now my little boy is already two years old in the second photo.

Two-month old baby

My little boy at two months

Two-year old boy

Now he is two years old

mommy moments

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Jem Alvarado

Work-at-home Independent Contractor
Web administrator- Mommy Blogger. Independent Contractor. Full time mommy with two kids; very supportive to family and a loving wife. Living in a simple life. Computer Engineering Graduate. Previous works - Web Evaluator, Technical Support, Call Center agent, Collections staff, Local Store Marketing, Businesswoman, and an Internet cafe owner.

10 Responses to Mommy Moments Before and After

  1. the all-around mom

    sweet! :)
    ang cute nung baby mo when he was still 2 months old – knows how to smile for picture na :)

  2. He’s a cutie! I am now a follower.

    Please come by and see my Partners in Crime

    • supermommyjem


      Thanks for following my site. I have already check your blog and I felt so happy seeing moms with their lovable kids.

  3. wow! big boy!

  4. welcome to mommy moments! glad you decided to join us today! :D nice to meet your little one too!

    • supermommyjem

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for handling the mommy moments, it is really a good idea to show the photos of our lovely kids.

  5. mjrodriguez

    love the first photo! really heartwarming! you guys are too cute for words.

    visiting for Mommy Moments.

  6. I love that picture of your son smiling at 2 months old. I often look back at pictures of my son at that age and remember how I felt when he would smile at me before he could talk he would just smile and I was so in love and still am with that little boys smile. Being a mom is a wonderful thing.

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