The Second Trimester (Weeks 13 to 27)

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Golden TrimesterThe second trimester is often called the “Golden Trimester”

  • You may now start to look pregnant and want to treat yourself with new clothing (choose loose-fitting clothes and low-heeled, cushioned shoes.)
  • You may notice that some of the discomforts of the first trimester are gone.

During your prenatal checkups, you doctor May:

• Measure your fundal height (the height of your uterus) to show how much your baby has grown and; and,
• Listen to your baby’s heartbeat using a Doppler device or a special stethoscope.

——– 4th Month ——–

What happens to mom? Your uterus has grown a lot. You will feel more pressure on your bladder, stomach and other organs. You’re probably wearing maternity clothes by now. Your skin and muscles are starting to stretch. Because your blood volume increases at this time, you may experience nosebleeds and your veins may become more prominent.

What happens to baby? Your baby’s heartbeat may be heard with a Doppler. Your baby is about 6 inches long already has eyelashes, nails and hair. The thick, downy hair covering your baby at this stage is called lanugo.

My experience:
I have my first ultrasound, the results were fine. It says that the gender of my baby is close to male but still it is considered indefinite because it is too small to identify.

———— 5th Month ———

What happens to mom? Your uterus can be felt at the level of your navel. Your heart has to work a lot harder to support you and your baby. You may notice a mild swelling of your ankles and feet. Spider nevi, which are tiny, temporary red marks, may appear on your face, shoulders and arms.
Typical weight gain: 5 to 10 pounds

What happens to baby? Your baby’s heartbeat may be heard with a special stethoscope. You may feel your baby move (known as quickening). Vernix Caseosa – a pasty, protective coating – begins to form on your baby’s skin. After a growth spurt, your baby nears 10 inches long and weighs almost a pound.

My experience:
I started to gain more weight. We started to buy more loose clothing as I noticed that I am getting bigger

———– 6th Month ——–

What happens to baby? Your ankles and feet are still swollen and you may get leg and foot cramps. Your uterus is extending above your navel. You may have more vaginal secretions, which are typically clear to yellowish and non-foul-smelling.
Typical weight gain: 10 to 15 pounds

What happens to baby? Your baby’s eyes begin to open. Eyebrows and eyelids are visible. Finger prints have formed. Your baby’s weighs about 2 pounds and is about 12 inches long. At this time the baby can hear you.

My experience: On the 6th month, I have my second ultrasound and definitely the gender has shown to be male. Doctors said that on the sixth month gender can be determine depending on the position of the developing baby and also the size.

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