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Here is a picture of my little boy with the statue of a child praying and a white sheep. Every Sunday our family attended the holy mass and this little boy is so playful, active and wanted to reach every corner of the church. Most of the times my husband is the one who is left  inside the church while I am looking after my little boy who is touring around the church premise.

Cute Filipino toddler

Cute Filipino Playful kid


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  • Simply Dyes

    your son is so cute! i thought he was a statue :)

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  • seth

    kids are like that…my son is the same as yours..playful..

    happy mommy moments!

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  • MommyLES

    so cute

  • shengkay
  • Rose

    Such a cutie!

    A Dash of White, come and see.

  • Pinx

    ang cute naman! visiting your MM entry!

  • Chris

    he is growing up very quick! :D adorable too! :D happy mommy moments!

  • cheerful

    kids are really playful…he’s cute! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend!

  • kimmy

    what a nice little boy!

  • Mona

    mukhang future traveler heheh, cute photo.

  • Cielo of Brown Pinay

    …moments like this are just PRICELESS…manang mana sa mommy mag poposing hehehe

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