My Step by step good Home Feng Shui

Since I already started my sharing about good Feng Shui on house and land, let’s get it started step by step.

Here are my step by step good home Feng Shui. (Note: I am not a professional Feng Shui consultant. I derive my learning about Feng Shui from my self research through internet and from people who shared some of their Feng Shui practices).

home feng shui

Learning Feng Shui for the House

  • Front door – main door entry/ home entrance should face east or any direction for as long as there is a good source of morning sunshine. It is believed that a house main door entry facing East or main door entry with good source of morning sunshine received a good vibes and energy to start each day and brighten the home.
  • Windows – best shapes are arched and octagonal. Arched windows are good because they have fewer sharp edges than a rectangular window. Octagon is believed to be lucky.
  • Stairs - Stairs should not end at a door, such as the front door, or face a bedroom door. Stairs should also be based on PLSD – Prosperity, Luck, sickness and Death (just like the oro, plata, mata). The last stair tread should fall or end at P or L.)
  • Bedroom – There should be no high ceiling & crossing beams.
  • Door - avoid two door facing each other.
  • Bathroom – bathroom floor should be lowered as compared to the main floor. It is best to position the Bathroom/ CR at the northern part of the house.
  • Carport/ Garage/ main house – should be higher than the street (elevated).

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  • Spanish Pinay

    it would also be interested if you can add something to combat arrangement of the house that are against fengshui. For example, I heard that stairs with open in-between steps are unlucky. But if the stairs are already like this, you can put a plant at the bottom of the stairs to fight off bad luck… :-)

    Spanish Pinay

    • supermommyjem

      Hi, surely I will add the links to each part step by step one at a time. Thanks for visiting. By the way the Filipino educational book that you were asking in my recent post, I tried to inquire but only filipino story books were available. I hope you can find what you’re looking.

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  • Cole

    Greetings I discovered your blog by mistake when i searched Google for this matter, I need to tell you your page is totally useful I also seriously like the design, it is beautiful!

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  • nuts of

    I believe in Feng Shui too, thanks fro sharing information here.
    Our house is elevated, at least, I guess a meter higher than the street and that spared our house from being drowned into flood during rainy days.

  • zoan

    Sa lahat ng na mention mo above dalawa lang ang tumama sa bahay namin yung mga doors ng kwarto hindi tumatama sa ibang door at ang floor ng cr mas mababa;)

  • Les

    great tips! as much as possible I try to follow feng shui in our humble home too. When we chose our house, I made sure that we have the morning sun :)

  • sigrid @ lovinglymama

    I don’t believe in feng shui. But I believe in praying for our home. :D

  • Teresa Martinez

    These are very good tips. There’s no harm in following since the intention is just to invite good vibes into a house.

  • rj’s mama

    I don’t really practice feng shui, but these are good tips that feng shui fans can apply to their own home.

  • Mommy Pehpot

    galing ng tips ah! oh well I will keep this in mind para pag nagpagawa kame ng bahay :)

  • levy

    I am not a superstitious and Feng Sui believer, but these tips sounds interesting :)

  • Karen

    The most common practice in our home related to feng shui is putting a bagua on our door because a septic tank is in front of our house.

  • Jhoveleen

    I never apply Feng Sui in the house but but knowing these tips seems interesting to try.