Educational children’s book at booksale

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In my previous post “Affordable books at booksale“, I have mentioned that I bought eight board books at a low price of less than Php 600 (approximately $14). The books that I bought are Sesame Street Restaurant, Grover on G, Thomas and Friends, Toy Story 3, Pussy Cat, Humpty Dumpy,  The Three Little Kittens and Spot on the Farm.

educational toddlers book

Educational Children’s Book at booksale

My little boy was so excited opening each page of the book. I love reading books but in my younger days, the time and budget was so limited. Now I will not let it happen to my child. We will be collecting educational books step by step. It doesn’t have to be expensive because there are many ways to acquire those books like purchasing it at the booksale. We are now in a modern world where ebooks are available online and on the gadget but I would still prefer the books on binds and paper pages compared to the electronic online books.

To keep the books safe from my two year-old toddler, I make sure to it that I show him how to turn the pages of the books correctly. I also assist my child in reading the book and to make it more exciting and interesting I sing along on the story line. He already learned and knew how to sing/ narrate the Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat and starting to learn the Humpty Dumpty.

Let us teach our child to learn their interest in reading books.

The latest addition to my son’s children book collection

Booksale Children Story Books

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