Go nuts Donuts Mini donuts for little kids

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When kids hear or see about donuts they will likely smile and interested to grab one. Donuts has been one of the top favorites of children and people with sweet tooth. They say that eating sweets will make your mood feel better and young at heart. Like ice cream, chocolates and cakes with different flavors, sizes and packaging, makers of donuts also have different variants.

Go Nuts Donuts mini donuts
Go Nuts Donuts mini donuts

The photo above is Go Nuts Donuts mini donuts in pack of three. There are three individually sets of mini donuts in each pack and I think it cost from Php75 to Php 125 (approximately $3) per pack. Three flavors – Ube, Chocolate and I think Yellow is Fruity are packed in each set. When I started monitoring the weight gain of my little boy, I tried my best to look for several healthy foods with great taste that my son will love. We are happy that on our first try he liked the Go Nuts Donuts mini donuts. It now became the regular donut choice of my son. I observe him while he eats and I think what makes him like the Go Nuts Donuts mini donuts are the sprinkles of candy on top of the mini donut and the coating. The candy sprinkles makes the mini donuts so exciting to take a bite by kiddies. The mini donuts is so handy and easy to grab by little kids.

If your kids are bored, I think it’s good to try the Go Nuts Donuts mini donuts.

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