Toddler easy learning with basic shapes and color recognition wooden toy blocks

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I love toys and I want my little boy to have educational toys for his good learning and development. Most educational toys that I like can be found in wooden toys. I bought in bulk orders and sell wooden toys to other moms who are also interested in this kind of toys. Before I made a purchase, I research about beneficial use of the toy to a child and it’s safeness.

Filipino boy playing wooden toy blocks
Filipino boy playing wooden toy blocks

The wooden toy posted on the photo above is Geometric Blocks contains four different geometric shapes of blocks with four different colours in 4 different heights. It is very helpful for Montessori toddlers in basic shapes and color recognition. Instils early math concepts that teaches shapes, color and pattern recognition. This is one of the favorites of my son. There are many ways to play with these wooden toys. My little boy uses his imagination in building a tower and building a cute house.

You can see more of wooden educational toys that I sell at “Affordable wooden educational toys for sale.”

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