Valentine’s date activities plan/ suggestions

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It’s a love month. Most of us are approaching the Valentine’s day and consider this as a romantic month to express how we love our special someone. Offering flowers and sweet confectioneries are the traditional way to celebrate the Valentine’s day. Dating to romantic place is big hit for lovers.It feels so good when you are loved and cared by your special someone. The most exciting feeling in this love month is the Valentine’s treat that he can offer. Even if I am now more than four years married to my loving husband, I am still looking forward in the Valentines’ day celebration. I would like to share simple valentine’s date activities plan or suggestions that lover can bring about in this sweet loving day or month.

valentines date Filipino couple

Valentine's date Filipino couple

Valentine’s date activities plan/ suggestions

  • Dinner at a romantic restaurant – This is the casual Valentine’s date scene. A romantic restaurant will let the couple enjoys their togetherness while eating sumptuous dinner. There are many ways to choose for a great romantic restaurant for the couple. For new couples, it is best to choose a place where you can both enjoy. For example, if you love live bands, you can go to a place with live bands likePadi’s Point restaurant bar. If you want serenity and loves music then you can take a romantic dinner at a restaurant or hotel with piano playing.
  • Movie date – The typical Valentine’s date mostly for young couples watching romantic movies. Romantic comedy movies are also good to watch because sometimes male partners get easily bored to purely romantic movie scenes.
  • Relaxing Body Spa – It’s also a great time to spend Valentines date into a relaxing spa. Full body massage for the couples will surely make them in good mood after the pampering spa.
  • Overnight stay at the hotel – I think overnight stay at the hotel is good for married couples. Usually married couples especially with kids are having hard time in spending intimate togetherness overnight when kids are always around and busy with regular times at home.
  • Out of town trip with the whole family – Family bonding can be a good activity too. It’s always fun to have out of town trip with the whole family. A great place to go on trip is a new location that your family have not yet gone.
  • Friends bonding – This is great for individuals who doesn’t have the special someone yet. Aside from friends bonding, you can celebrate Valentines with your family too.

Married, in a relationship or still available, Valentine’s day is a celebration for everybody to share and express our love. They say that some couples spend a lot in this celebration. If you can spend much why not but what is important is that you were able to reach and share a gift of love. For me the most gift of love that my husband can give is to spend a high quality time together without worrying the time schedule and stress from the regular life encounters.

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