Johnson’s Baby Products for Play Days

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Through the years, Johnson’s baby products have been the most widely and popularly choice of moms because of its quality and pampering skin care. In our home, you can find Johnson’s baby products everywhere. You can find Johnson’s baby milk bath in our bath area that me and my toddler use for bath time. Even my mom and dad are already grandparents they are still using Johnson’s baby powder and baby oil that can easily be found in their room.

Johnson's playtime collection

Johnson’s Play Days Playtime Collection

Johnson’s Baby products have the variety of products that we can choose such as baby powder, shampoo, oil, cologne and baby bath. I am so thankful to receive a bag of Johnson’s playtime collection for play days. The bag of Johnson’s play days consist of Johnson’s baby cooling powder and bath, Johnson’s baby bath peach and skin protection powder peach, Johnson’s baby powder pink blossom, Johnson’s baby cologne bounce and slide, and Johnson’s baby daily sun protection lotion.

My three-year old toddler so love the scent and effect of Johnson’s baby products for play days. He is very playful and active. Since he is already using the Johnson’s milk bath, one sunny day we tried Johnson’s baby cooling bath and powder. It was so effective that we feel so refreshed. Johnson’s baby cooling baby powder has a special mild formula made with natural honeysuckle and a cooling ingredient.

When my little boy is perspiring while playing, we paused for a while and I apply Johnson’s baby powder skin protection (Peach). It protects baby’s skin from rashes and irritation with an active skin shield formula that repels wetness, reduces skin friction and helps soothe the skin.

After taking a bath, we love to apply the Johnson’s baby cologne playtime collection “bounce”. The scent is so mild giving you an energizing baby fresh after-bath feeling. We shared the Johnson’s baby powder pink blossom and playtime collection cologne “Slide” with my niece who is also Johnson’s baby product user.

With Johnson’s baby daily sun protection lotion (SPF15), your baby’s skin will be protected against the harmful effects of the sun. It has natural sunflower extract and provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with 100% naturally source sunscreen ingredient.

My son will start preschool this year and with these Johnson’s baby products I have less-worries with his skin protection. Thank you so much Johnson’s.

No wonder why moms trust Johnson’s baby products. It is always mild, gentle and effective.

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