PLDT TELPAD features and TelMeHow Application

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The PLDT Telpad is the newest and interesting product/service of PLDT. Why interesting? There are so many reasons to be interested. The PLDT Telpad is the world’s first tablet landline with unlimited local calls, unlimited internet, and exclusive PLDT content, such as the highly popular “TelMeHow” Apps.

pldt telpad


It is not just a high tech tablet landline but what makes it more amazing is the “TelMeHow” Application. The PLDT Telpad is powered by Android which is the popularly used Operating system in smart phones and tablets that gives you access to thousands of free and paid applications.

PLDT Telpad features:

  • Landline
  • Web browsing
  • Multimedia
  • Exclusive access
  • Android OS
PLDT Telpad: TelMehow Apps

PLDT Telpad: TelMehow Apps

PLDT Telpad’s “TelMeHow” Applications is the Telpad’s “exclusive application”. This is an online companion primarily catering not only for today’s proactive teens but also perfect for the whole family. TelMeHow app is a treasure valuable collections of educational videos, instructional videos and how-tos. Usually when we look for videos online especially the instructional, we often landed to YouTube videos. A great difference with TelMehow Apps videos is that the videos and educational tips came from experts in various fields exclusively found in the TelMeHow Apps.

Since  the videos and educational tips came from experts in various fields that would bring you no worries that you are watching a trusted video. Designer Sassa Jimenez and stylist Bea Constantino will be giving practical and professionals tips in fashion. To learn on how to set your perfect dish, complete with recipes, how-to-videos and photos, Erwan Heussaff will be your guide. The categories include cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first-aid, sports, music, language and fitness. These are truly useful categories.

New categories such as cars, home and interior design will be out soon. Watch out for it!

PLDT TELPAD specification

The PLDT Telpad S7 Slim boasts of an 8 GB internal memory, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and additional storage capacity of up to 32 GB. The sleek S7 Slim also has a micro HDMI port for larger scale viewing on HD television. It also comes with 3-axis Accelerometer, gravity, and ambient light sensors.

Each Telpad plan comes with unlimited calls and unlimited broadband service. Plans start at P1,849 at 1.5mbps. The Telpad unit is an Android-powered device so subscribers can take advantage of more than 450,000 applications available for download at Google Play (formerly known as Android Market).

For more information and for free download of TelMeHow app , visit

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  1. Kayce says

    Wow! this telpad from PLDT looks interesting! I might get one when I have iPad or kindle fire soon :)


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