Easy and Simple Shaving Tips

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The third week of June is father’s day celebration. This is the best time to share a post something for daddy and can be helpful to others who are shaving. My husband’s shaving routine is weekly. I ask him about his shaving tips and he shared his shaving routine that works for him.

shaving tips

shaving tips

Shaving Tips of my Husband

  • Before shaving, make sure to use a sharp blade. If the hair is very long, use a scissor to clip it first. By wetting the hair with warm water, it softens the hair, reduces wear on the blade and stands up easier.
  • To soften the hair more before shaving, you can apply a shaving gel or shaving cream which helps keep the hair erect, reduces friction, moisturizes and conditions the skin for a more comfortable shaving.
  • My husband prefers to buy expensive razor with good quality rather than a cheap or disposable razor. Avoid shaving over an area repeatedly because it may lead to skin irritation.
  • After shaving, rinsing with cold water helps tone the skin as it closes the pores of the skin, removes the soap and lather, and stops any bleeding. You use an after-shave cream like The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm from http://www.theartofshaving.com to moisturize and soothe dry.
  • If you will be on long vacation and travel, it is best to bring a shaving travel kit for a comfortable shave while you’re away.
Smart men especially daddy should learn the easy and simple art of shaving.


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  1. says

    I agree with the third tip. I’d rather buy expensive razors rather than those cheap but with poor quality ones. Happy Father’s Day.

  2. Gigi Beleno says

    thanks for sharing these tips, dunno how hubby does his shaving but I will do tell him about these :)

  3. says

    wow.. thanks for the tip.. i have not shave in my entire life hahaha.. well i do not know why but it is not growing even in my armpit you could count the hairs in it hahaha.. well will save this I think I might need this in the near future..

  4. says

    My husband usually shaves the hair in his face. And he make sure he uses the best razor and not to mention that its being too pricey. Haha!

  5. says

    Hubby needs to read this. He doesn’t shave often but he only uses soap and water, sometimes nothing at all! I bought him shaving cream once but he said he doesn’t know how to use it. I use it for my underarm na lang when I have to shave it instead of waiting for it to grow to wax it.

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