Teaching the child to hold the pen or crayon correctly

Great Job! Finally, my three-year old son learns how to hold the pen correctly. Honestly at this stage, the hardest part I found in teaching my child  to hold the pen or crayon correctly. It took approximately one month for my little boy to learn the pencil grip. He became so moody that sometimes did not want to follow the way I teach him.

Teaching the child to hold the pen

Teaching the child to hold the pen

It is not easy to teach the child to hold the pen but with my eagerness I found an easy way to teach him. The best way that works for my child to hold the pen is to sing “This is how to hold the pen” while I guide him to hold the pen and write. I sing “This is how to hold the pen” in a tune of  the popular American folk song “The Wheels on the bus”. Let me share the lyrics of “This is how to hold the pen” that I personally created for my child.

This is How to Hold the Pen Lyrics

This is how to hold the pen, hold the pen, hold the pen

This is how to hold the pen

This is how….

It is very simple, easy to to sing, understand and memorize.

Filipino toddler writing

Filipino toddler coloring

Now with my dedication in teaching him to hold the pen and practice writing, he can hold the pen or crayon correctly and practice writing lines, objects and letters. Teaching the child to hold the pen or crayon correctly allows him to be comfortable in writing or coloring and encourage him to write more. 

  • http://www.themisischronicles.com/ Badet

    Nice tip! Gwen is starting to hold pens and crayons so I might as well start teaching her the proper way.

  • http://www.mommyrubz.com Proud Mommy of Three

    Both my son and youngest are perfect right handed writer and scribbler respectively. I had no problem with them as they started at a very young age. My eldest was a big problem. She is left handed and I had a hard time teaching her to hold a pen properly since I am a right handed person. :(

    By the way, this is a nice tip!

  • http://beautyqueengene.com Beauty Queen Gene

    Good job mommy! Sometimes little kids need a little extra time to learn how to do things on their own but with a patient teacher like you, I’m sure nothing is too difficult to achieve. I’m a bit lucky in that area though. My Svet showed great eagerness to start writing without prodding from us. Unfortunately, even surfaces that aren’t supposed to be written on have suffered greatly. LOL.

  • zoan

    I heard about that “wheels on the bus” song lately. Anyway, kudos to your 3 years old! Pag masipag magturo ang nanay, gagaling talaga at madaling matuto ang anak;)

  • http://www.kikaycorner.net Jennie

    Oh the fulfillment of seeing our child progress when we are the ones teaching them. :)

  • http://www.oafallarme.com Ane

    I’m not sure if my comment got through as my browser froze when I clicked on Post Comment, ang haba pa naman ng comment ko! :P toinks! :P

    Good job Mommy! I never taught my kids to hold the pen properly, I’m a lazy teacher, but somehow they learned.. hehe :P

    love your take on the song.. :D It’s currently my son’s fave after learning it in school a few weeks back.. and now I have it in my head.. :P

  • http://www.mommypeach.com peachkins

    WOW! Good Job, Jem!..and thanks for the tip. With Ykaie naman, masunuring bata, dinya ako pinahirapan dyan sa holding a pen and a crayon plus I have the help of her teacher of course.

  • http://www.mybabyrj.com rj’s mama

    good job baby! and congratulations to the proud mommy too :)

  • http://www.the24hourmommy.com Mauie

    Good job, both of you! Now he can have more fun days coloring away.

  • http:www.delightmyappetite.com Tetcha

    Congrats, Mommy, for finding a way to make holding a pen easier for your little one, and well done, little boy, for doing it right!

  • http://www.lovinglymama.info sigrid @ lovinglymama

    At first, Dindin would not listen to us. Eventually, she did hold the pen properly. It was as if she found out that the right way was simply the easiest way to handle it. :D