Dining at Katsutei

Katsutei is a new Japanese restaurant that offers tasty, juicy and crunchy food with the concept focuses on Japanese offering katsu.  It said that they are using authentic ingredients for their sauces. Last week my husband and I happened to dine in at Katsutei at SM The Annex. At that time, there was a mall wide sale so most of the food chain and restaurants are occupied. Since Katsutei was newly opened, there are still vacant tables so we decided to dine in here.


Katsutei – Shrimp Okonomiyaki & Gyoza, Pork Katsu & Chicken Kuwayaki

We ordered Shrimp Okonomiyaki – Php85,  Gyoza (3 pcs.)- Php 60, Pork Katsu with miso soup & regular drink – Php215 & Chicken Kuwayaki ala carte – Php 145. The food taste good but I tasted that there are too much salt content in Chicken Kuwayaki. My husband and I like their Okonomiyaki. If we are going to dine in again here we will surely order Shrimp Okonomiyaki.

Other Katsutei menu that they offer are Chicken teriyaki burger, Japadog and Katsu Curry.

The place is clean and neat with modern designs in line with their traditions. They have their own comfort room. The service attendants or crew are very helpful as they always approach for the customer’s need.


  • http://itsallaboutfood2012.blogspot.com/ Pal Raine

    Love Chinese and Filipino food. Now I am actually learning to love Japanese food, like their TAKOYAKI. This place is another Japanese Restaurant that will give delish food to the Filipinos.

  • http://www.shutterbugmom.com Grasyah | The Island Mom

    Hmmmm.. I never tried eating in a Japanese restaurant!
    The food looks delicious!

  • http://maspaborito.com mas

    I’ve gone here once and had the Pork Katsu. I liked it. The soup served though was not very hot anymore. But the waiter later gave me another serving (although I didn’t ask for it), this time it was piping hot. I thought that maybe the first serving was tira na lang, and that the added serving was from a freshly-cooked batch. :)

  • http://www.journey-ni-ikoy.com Ricky Bernardino

    I love Japanese food especially the fried ones with a stir fried bean sprout as sidedish. There actually a lot of Japanese Restaurants around already and I hope the competition will make their products better and affordable too =) Will love to try this place too =)

  • http://www.wanderfulexperience.blogspot.com Ellen Bernardino

    We love Japanese food, especially maki and tempura, do they have it? wanna try that resto next time we visit SM Annex.

  • http://yaniconquistadora.blogspot.com Yaniconquistadora (@YaniMetrado)

    Another classy Japanese restaurant? Looks like they are sprouting here and there… This Japadog item always piqued my curiosity. I still have yet to discover them on my own one day.

  • http://palagutom.blogspot.com PALAGUTOM Boy

    Although the name is a tongue twister (lol), I would still loveto try this Japanese resto given the chance. Poor me, never tried any Japs food :(

  • http://kitchentrips.info The Chef

    ui mukhang ok dito a.. was just in sm annex kanina. waaaa mura pa.. i will try it soon pagbalik ko sa sm annex

  • http://thecityroamer.com Alwin

    Looks like a growing number of Japanese resto offering practical pricing is growing. I’m sure there’ll be more room improvements and by the time I get to eat here, okay na sila :)

  • http://sayitnessie.com Ness

    Wow! Super affordable. i didn’t know there’s this place in SM Annex. Will check this out soon!! The gyoza looks yummy!

  • http://ronleyba.com RonLeyba

    Love Japanese foods but never been into any Japanese resto. I always end up cooking some of their foods. Would love to visit Katsutei real soon.

  • http://www.pehpot.com/2012/06/deped-k12-program.html Mommy Pehpot

    more and more Japanese restos are sprouting in the city.. still haven’t try the other restaurants that offers Japanese cuisine.. I’m stuck with Rai Rai Ken LOL

  • http://hungryhippopoaldous.blogspot.com Aldous

    I have never heard of Chicken kuwayaki..i hope to try it soon

  • http://markpogi0121.blogspot.com Mark Morfe

    If only my wife would appreciate Japanese food more, I would take them to Katsutei. Anyways, I could go there by myself anytime I visit SM Annex.

  • http://demsangeles.com Dems

    I wonder why it’s named ‘katsutei’, I mean the ‘tei’ part if it has a literal translation :3

    Do they have any other branches? :)

    • http://www.esupermommy.com Jem Alvarado

      Hi Dems I bo not have an idea if they have other branches.