Fun Robot Zoo Adventure at NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center

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Another interactive, fun and smart-learning bonding for the family can be found at the Nido Fortified Science Discovery center in SM Mall of Asia. It is “The Robot Zoo” wherein it will give us a closer look at how these marvelous critters do their astonishing feats such as how a housefly sticks itself to the ceiling, how a chameleon changes its colors to blend in the foliage and how a giant squid propels itself at sea.

The Robot Zoo event

The Robot Zoo event

On the event I met my fellow mommy bloggers who are also invited by Geiser Maclang and we were thankful in this event. In the Robot Zoo, we were fascinated of how these robots were engineered and the kids were given a chance to maneuver some robotic parts like the Chameleon. At the entrance, the robot Giraffe welcome us with its pair of lovely beautiful eyes that open and close.

Giraffe at the robot zoo

Giraffe at the robot zoo

There are many robot animals that kid love and enjoyed watching like the Giant Squid, Platypus, Giant Fly, Grasshopper, Bat and the Chameleon. Inside the robot zoo kids will not get bored because there are also different interactive activities that they can freely play through educational fun manipulative robots and other cool games.

Filipino boy at The Robot Zoo

Filipino boy at The Robot Zoo

The guests who participated in the robot zoo event truly enjoyed and the kids were so happy. Kids and others who participated in the game were given a prize sponsored by Nickelodeon.

At the event area, snacks were given for the guests who have attended such as Buy the bucket, Big Chill, Yellow cab,etc.. The Robot zoo event was a blockbuster.

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How much is the admission rate in the Robot Zoo?

The admission rate is only Php200 per head. If you would like to enter in the Robot zoo plus the Nido Fortified Science Center, the admission rate is only Php500 by which you can save Php30.

Where is the Robot Zoo located?.

The Robot zoo is located at the 2nd Floor of the Science Discovery Center Exhibit Hall.

For more details, please visit The Science Discovery Center website,, and their Facebook page at, or you may call (02) 556-0331 /  (02) 556-2193.


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