Secret Recipe’s White Chocolate Macademia cake

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Are you craving for a fresh cream cake? Then you might want to try this tempting fresh creamy cake from Secret recipe. It is the White Chocolate Macademia. This cake is very creamy that looks like a frozen cake when kept in the fridge for long hours. At home, my younger brother usually buys cake or chocolates because he loves to munch sweet foods. One day I found this cake in the fridge and took a photo of it.

secret recipe white macademia

Secret Recipe White Macademia

When I check the website of secret recipe, the price of White Chocolate Macademia whole cake is Php900 (approximately $22). I think the ingredients of this cake has more dairy content that makes it very creamy. A small slice of this creamy cake is great to eat after a meal as a dessert. It is very sweet and milky. The Macademia content complements the sweetness of the cake. The nutrition that we can get from eating Macademia nuts are a good source of Thiamin and Manganese. The raw Macademia nuts are low in cholesterol and sodium. The health benefits of Manganese helps in  building essential enzymes for building bones while the Thiamine or Vitamin B1 plays an important role in maintaining a healthy nervous and cardiovascular functioning of the body.

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