Winner of two complimentary passes in the Robot Zoo

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I would like to announce the winner of the ”2″ complimentary passes in the Robot Zoo at the NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center.  Last week, I posted about “The Robot Zoo at NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center” and I mentioned that one of my readers might win  ”2″ complimentary passes in the Robot Zoo.

The Robot Zoo  NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center
The Robot Zoo 

From more than 10 entries, I picked the best comment as the winner. Congratulations Czaroma Roman! You’ve won the ”2″ complimentary passes in the Robot Zoo. I will be sending an email to you to get your contact details including your address, phone and mobile number,  so we may forward these to the corresponding marketing and operations managers behind the Robot Zoo.

Again, Congratulations!

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2 Responses to Winner of two complimentary passes in the Robot Zoo

  1. thanks so much!

  2. The Mommist

    Oh cool! I didn’t know there’s one at the Science Discovery Center. Will bring our boys there. :)

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