Baby & Child-friendly Décor

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baby & child friendly decor

baby & child friendly decor

When you are raising a family you need to consider the needs of each family member when making décor decisions. While you may prefer a more formal style of décor in the common areas, the bedrooms often call for toddler or twin beds and the bedding choices may be more colorful and casual with lots of cartoon characters or teenage pop and Goth patterns and prints.As longs as you can close the door while entertaining it’s best to just go with the flow and let your kids express themselves.

Bath and shower furniture can be helpful for family members of all ages. A teak shower bench adds a spa-like feel to any bathroom plus it is useful while shampooing hair or shaving legs. Seniors may prefer to bathe while seated with the aid of a handheld showerhead. A handheld showerhead is useful for shampooing hair, washing pets, watering plants and cleaning the tub or shower enclosure too.

Bath time is a big part of family life when you have young children; with it comes bath toy clutter. There are many attractive and fun bath toy organizers along with bath aids designed to make bathing safe and fun for small children – one must have is a shampoo rise cup which will help to stop the tears by preventing soap from getting into children’s’ eyes.

A towel warmer is another family friendly idea for the bathroom – not only can family members enjoy a hot fluffy towel after a bath or shower, towel warmers are useful for warming baby clothes, drying swimwear and fine washables and heating blankets and winter clothing like mittens and scarves.

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