Dancing Zumba for Fitness

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Since I got married, I have been trying several ways for weight lose to stay fit and healthy. One effective method that I tried is to watch out for a healthy eating diet through DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) that focuses on nutrients like calcium, potassium, sodium along with fiber and protein to decrease high blood pressure which may lead to weight loss. It is not that easy to maintain this kind of diet especially when you love to eat sweet and salty foods.

Dancing zumba for fitness

Dancing zumba for fitness, credit: thesource.ca

Now that I am pregnant, I prefer to eat nutritious foods for my healthy pregnancy. I know that I will gain a lot of weight during this period but I have plans in mind after delivery. To keep track on keeping a fit and healthy body after pregnancy, I am planning to try dancing zumba for fitness. Using Wii with Zumba Fitness video game, I will definitely enjoy and have some fun while dancing in creative sexy latin music. Good thing that we have Wii at home that I can use which is currently played by my little son for Nintendo games.

I believe dancing zumba is also an effective way to be fit and healthy. The calorie that can be burned down from dancing zumba depends on weight, duration and intensity. You can select an appropriate Zumba Fitness work out intensity from low, mid and high. For example, if you are 130 pounds and chooses Mid Zumba intensity for 20 minutes; approximately you may burn 155 calories.

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