Discipline in using Stanchions

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Stanchion is an upright bar or post, used to support ropes or barriers that is often seen in movie theatres, concerts, banks, and other public gatherings to divide places in the public.

discipline in using stanchions

Discipline in using stanchions, credit: stanchionwholesaler.com

We often see stanchions when we are waiting in line, it seems nothing but little do we know that aside from bouncers and guards, stanchions are great help for organizing people.

There are many different places that use stanchions but these portable posts able to manage queues especially when there are concerts. Ladies and even gentlemen are no longer gentle whenever they see their favourite actor/actresses or singers.

Moreover, let’s say a very large crowd is waiting in line and there are other people who has a planned of overtaking to avoid standing in long lines, with stanchions, this annoying situation can be prevented. Plus, it alleviates the crowd from being chaotic.

Being organize to your business – whether that would be concerts, theatres, banks, electric or water bill payments, or other big establishments, because of stanchions; we were able to evade mess-ups. Plus, the presence of this a-non-hi-tech equipment gives us the feel of being VIP, and high class, isn’t? Stanchions are pretty simple however a powerful tool to control people.

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