Effective Time Management of Working Moms

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Nowadays, most mothers are working moms and I enjoy being one of them.  Although I am a work-at-home mom, the duties and responsibilities are almost same with other working moms whether it is in the office, home or field work. The most challenging part of being a working mom is the time management on how you can use it wisely and effectively.

Family is always the top priority of moms. When I got married a few years ago, I decided to work at home. During those days when I am not yet married, I experienced working in the food chain as local store marketing, technical helpdesk in the office, assigned in the field work for some big events, technical representative in the call center, businessperson engaged in buying and selling computers, and internet café administrator. I was about to work abroad as a technical coordinator in a big company but I changed my mind and got married.

Becoming a mom is not a hindrance to pursue my career as an independent contractor working at home just like other working moms. I have proven it for more than four years now as a work-at-home mom. The effort that I exerted for my time management works well to balance work-family-parenting and anything in between. I use Microsoft one note to record my time table and other to-do list. The photo below is an example of my weekly activity from 7AM- 4PM.

my time table for effective time management

My time table for an effective time management as a working mom

Time Management of Working Moms

  • Set a daily time table that you can follow weekly. A recommended time table includes a time schedule for each set of activities with time frame. A time table will be your guide to complete successfully your task for the whole day, weeks or month. You can write it in your memo note or post it in your desk or work area. You can use your smart phone or computer for the time table.
  • Make a list of the healthy meals for the week. It is good to prepare the meals for the week by listing the different dish and menu that you are about to cook in advance. This will be easier and quicker to prepare for your family.
  • Do your grocery shopping during off days. After resting in you’re off day, it is good to do your grocery shopping including the lists that are needed for the preparation of meals for the week. Shopping in your free or off day will not be stressful because you do not need have to think about work while shopping.
  • Make the most of your free time by resting and doing significant activities. In your free or off day, it is great to a take rest by having enough sleep and do other significant activities that you cannot do during regular working mom days such as cooking a special dish for the family and eating breakfast/lunch/dinner together, cleaning and fixing your bedroom , and bonding activities for your family.
  • Do not forget your me-time at least once a week. After a stressful work, make sure that you have time for yourself. A pampering body spa, mani-pedi-foot spa and hair treatment are good ways to keep ourselves relax and refresh. It does not have to be expensive and you can even do this at home with your mom, sister/s or close friends. Shopping clothes and bonding with your close sister/s and friends is a good form of releasing stress as we can share the same interests and stories with them.
  • If there is an emergency in the family such as sickness, hospitalization, etc. that needs more time affecting your work schedule, always inform and explain it to your work’s management. Keep them posted and when you are back to work, be productive and efficient so that you can dominate the delay of work.

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  1. says

    Even the most stressful job in the world…
    MOTHERHOOD requires time management
    and your simple illustration speaks out the
    your BEST asset. You’re such an organizer!

  2. says

    This is something that I should start myself though I’m not yet a mom. ^__^ Managing time has always been my weakness. And if One Note could probably help me do it, then I guess I’ll have my phone active. :))))

  3. says

    thank you for these tips. it is hard for stay and work at home moms to do that time management as kids always whine everytime you work in your house. as for me, I always list the things i want to get done everyday to avoid ending the day without nothing done in the house.

  4. says

    Time management and scheduling of chores is what working moms does .I am a stay at home mom for now but working again is on my future plan .

  5. Rizza says

    All true! Time management keeps everything in place. What’s funny is that our husbands don’t know how hectic our schedules are! LOL!

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