Symbolic Meaning of Giving Watches as Gifts

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Normally we give or receive gifts when there is a special occasion to celebrate such as birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, wedding, etc. From simple to expensive gifts, it gives a feeling of happiness every time we receive or send gifts. Some gifts are meant to be special and other believes that there is a symbolic meaning.

symbolic meaning of giving watch as a gift

symbolic meaning of giving watch as a gift, credit:

Symbolic Meaning of Giving Watches as Gifts

One thing that I wonder is the meaning of giving watches as gifts. How I like the TAG Heuer watches men’s collection as a gift to my husband. Watch is a practical gift that can be worn daily. For me giving  a watch to my husband expresses a wonderful time that we spend together and each time he sees the time on his watch, he would always remember that time is more valuable because I am a part of his life in every minute.

In some Asian cultures, they say that giving a watch or clock is a bad luck meaning that you are running out of time. But,  I believe that the symbolic meaning of giving watch greatly depends on how the giver represents it and how the receiver values it. Time is gold as they say in a motto so I think when you receive a watch; you are a precious person in the life of those who gave it.

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