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Imagine the world when human existed without names? How crazy would that be? And imagine when we go to places without tags… that would be a lot crazier! That is why name tags are invented when we are pre-schoolers to easily mention us whenever we are mischievous in the playground, to be easily called with our teachers.

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However, name tags are not made only for pre-schoolers, but also for offices and larger buildings to know the place where we should go. Let’s give an example… Let’s say we are receiving a plaque from our company.

While we are walking in an establishment with many floors, we are being guided by the directional signs to lead where we are going. Frequently, these are the colourful name tags.

Upon arriving to the room where we should be, there are times when we set an appointment that we forgot the name who we are talking to, but thanks to the desk name plates – this is often the engraved logo wherein the text is engraved into the tag surface.

When the plaque is being handed to us and takes a glimpse to the design, we shouldn’t be surprise for it is habitually wooden plaque.

Since we want to celebrate the plaque that is given, we will dine in a restaurant and oops! As we call the waiter, we will look on his full coloured nameplate to know who gives us the service.

QuickNameTags.com desk name plates have varieties of name plates, name tags or office signs.

Name tags greatly influence our daily lives especially for travellers who are not much familiar with places and people so if we wanted to be labelled, get your quick name tags now!

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