Take the 1st Step to your baby’s mildest protection with NIVEA BABY

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Nivea Baby 1st StepTouch is the best expression of your love for your baby. Your touch does not only give a sense of security, it also has a key role in ensuring your baby’s emotional and social development. Experts say that touch receptors, which are located all over the body, are directly connected to the brain, which explains why your baby’s sense of touch is more sensitive than any of his other senses. With this, it is advisable that you keep your baby’s sense of touch – his skin – always protected.

As touch plays a significant role in your baby’s overall development, make only the mildest choice for his skincare. Give him the best start in life with the mildest protection from NIVEA BABY.

Let’s celebrate this new and exciting journey together, mommies. Take the 1st Step to your baby’s mildest protection today with NIVEA BABY with over 100 years of baby skincare expertise. Because nobody understands baby’s skin better.

Learn more and visit https://www.facebook.com/NIVEABabyPhilippines.


I can still remember the first time I touch my baby when I gave birth more than three years ago. I feel so happy, blessed and fulfilled as tears fell from my eyes the moment I carry and touch my baby. Touch is an important bonding of a parent and baby. As a mom, we show how we love our baby through hugs, kisses and how we carry them that truly promotes a great protection for them. Currently, I am pregnant and I am so excited for my second baby. Like what I did with my first child when he is a baby, I will take care of her and be the best mom I can.

Baby’s skin is so sensitive that is why as caring parents, we make sure of providing them extra care by using products with mildest protection like Nivea Baby. Gently massaging the baby with baby oil, lotion or cream is something soothing to our baby. I have learned that  the baby feels relax and love the kind of this touch. As I gently touch my baby, I can feel a wonderful response from him as he giggles and smiles. Touch is indeed a great affection of parents for the baby.

My Ways of providing loving touch for my baby

  • Gentle massage on his arms and legs every morning.
  • Applying baby oil to baby’s body especially on the chest and back before taking a bath.
  • Rocking him and singing Lullaby for a calm sleep.
  • Wearing him in a baby sling every time I go outside to the mall, market or park so that I can easily take good care of him while I am away from home.
  • Gently tickle the baby’s body after bath. This is a fun bonding moment with your baby. After bath, I have noticed that baby is active who loves to play then sleep.

Every time you touch your baby, it is best to provide him with eye contact. It gives your baby a moment to feel the love and affection to have his sweetness mirrored back to him through your eyes.

Stay tuned for new exciting baby’s mildest protection as we will be sharing more nourishing goodness with NIVEA BABY.

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Jem Alvarado

Work-at-home Independent Contractor
Web administrator- Mommy Blogger. Independent Contractor. Full time mommy with two kids; very supportive to family and a loving wife. Living in a simple life. Computer Engineering Graduate. Previous works - Web Evaluator, Technical Support, Call Center agent, Collections staff, Local Store Marketing, Businesswoman, and an Internet cafe owner.

23 Responses to Take the 1st Step to your baby’s mildest protection with NIVEA BABY

  1. ventocoseuss

    Well, this product is a very good one. My sister used to use this product when washing her face, as this product is as gentle as water! :)

  2. Manila Republic

    I will suggest this to my friend to use it to her baby.

  3. Franc Ramon

    It’s always best to ensure that the products you use are suited for babies delicate skin like Nivea baby.

  4. I’ve never used Nivea baby product for my skin but I’m sure it’s a better choice than J&J’s.

  5. Itsberyllicious

    Nivea is a great brand and product. :) I agree, Touch is the best expression of love and affection for your babies, and Nivea is truly a reputable product to protect our skin :)

  6. Reading this made me reminisce about the time when my children were still babies. They are still babies to me to this day, though. Hehe.

  7. special education philippines

    In one of the talks during the Family Congress by Dr. Queena Lee Chua she emphasized the importance of cuddling and touching your child in the first two years of life.

    You can read her explanation behind cuddling in the summary of her talk below, “What Media Does to A Child’s Brain? (From Dr. Queena Lee-Chua’s talk during the Family Congress 2012)


  8. Hello mommy Jem! How’s the pregnancy going? I also had the chance to use NIVEA Baby products on my kids (lotion and soap) and they loved the mild scent and feel on their skin.

  9. Franc Ramon

    A baby needs the loving touch of parents and close family members since they need to feel the comfort of human affection in their early years.

  10. Angie Vianzon

    Touch is indeed the best way to show your love towards your baby. Also, I love using Nivea products on my babies.

  11. whew.. I’ll use Nivea products when I had a baby.. but that would take long.. five years from now..

  12. I actually ignoring Nivea because of the price but will consider it again

  13. Chef Jasper

    If there’s only a way to maintain this kind of skin…

  14. I truly love parents who shower their babies with endless kisses and caresses. :) We actually have a 5 month old now (my brother’s baby) who seems to love being cuddled. :) Truly, a baby being touched is therapeutic on both ends. :) Congrats on your upcoming baby!

  15. lovemindanao

    it is every parents’ instinct to put every measures to take care their child . nice to know that there are companies who innovate on this need to help the parents to protect their children

  16. Love to hear that they already have this product for babies. I use LACTACYD Blue for my 2 girls. And up to now they still using it on bathing. Have to try NIVEA soon. Thanks for posting this very much appreciated.

  17. NIVEA products are quality products so the brand itself is dependable. Baby’s skin is so sensitive and a mother should be careful in choosing the safest and the mildest.

  18. i really believe how powerful touch is (adults alike), it’s one of the sincerest act of love… good thing Nivea has baby products now…

  19. I love using baby products for myself. At least, I know they are mild to the skin. Will try this one, too. :)

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  21. Lizzie Earns Online

    Great tips for mommies. :) I’ll take note of it.

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