Tips in Reviewing Nursery Students

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*My experience in reviewing my nursery/preschool student.

Since this is my first experience to review my three-year-old child for his first examination in Nursery, I do not know yet the best way in reviewing a child. I know it is the instinct of a mom of how she can teach her child because mother’s know best. Mother is patient so I need to be calm and extend more patience with my sometimes naughty cute child.

Tomorrow is the start of their exam. We already started the review in some areas, now is the last day of review. Way back when I am still studying in grade school, I remember my mama of how she patiently created a reviewer for us. We are four siblings and I am the youngest among my two sisters. Her old method of reviewing seem to be effective because we are getting good grades. Although I am not always an honored student, I kept my good grades as above average and always in the star section. Now that I am a mom, I will use my mom’s method in reviewing my child.

Reviewing a nursery student

Tips in Reviewing a nursery student, my reviewer

The photo above is the reviewer that I created today. Since the exam for the nursery students focus on eye motor coordination, big and object illustrations should be presented to the child.

What did I do to prepare the reviewer for the nursery student?

I made it simple. All you need is a carbon paper, their nursery workbook, pencil and bond paper. Choose some topics/ pointers or pages that needs to be answered by your child. To draw the object illustrations for a certain subject or topic, I use a carbon paper to copy easily and draw the image from the workbook to the bond paper. This way the pictures or objects illustrated in their Nursery workbook is almost the same with the reviewer that I make. I believe it will be easier for little children in nursery, preparatory or kinder to comprehend using the materials alike to what they use in school.

During examination days, as parents we should not forget to prepare something healthy and special that will boost our child’s energy and enthusiasm in studying. Just a few hours ago, I went to Goldilocks to buy something special for my little boy. Remember our children needs enough rest and food especially during examination week and we should keep away first the toys that might cause disturbance in their review.

All the best to all Super Moms!

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  1. Les says

    I used to do that when my boys were still in nursery. That time we still don’ t have a computer so I have to draw everything. You are on the right track Mommy! Just be more patient because the little ones get distracted easily :)

  2. says

    i don’t know how i’d fair when it is my turn to review my little one for his exams. i will make sure to come back here for some inspiration. i know kuya Jelvin will ace his exams because of these reviews! good job, mummy Jem! ^_^

  3. says

    Can’t wait to do this for my baby girl. I have passion in teaching kids, actually I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. :)

    Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you :) As far as I remember, my mom never made reviewers for me. I learned reading and writing with the help of my teachers; my mom never practiced me while at home. She taught me the art of being independent at an early age and I thank her for that. Fortunately, I graduated with flying colors every year. 😀

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