Trophy and Awards

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Receiving trophy and awards are reward for one’s achievement that you are being recognized for a great performance. When someone receives a trophy or an award it is usually followed by a celebration. The person who receives the recognition surely feels very happy and inspired to continue what he/ she has started in gaining such award. There is always a positive outcome not only to the person who receives the award but also to other persons that consider it as inspiration.

trophy and awards

Trophy and Awards

The trophy in the photo above are some recognition that we keep in our family. My eldest sister have numerous trophy and awards that she got from beauty pageant, my second sister got awards from sports and dance contest, my younger brother got his awards from academics and writing skills, and my trophy came from singing contest and other awards. It is good to remimisce such great memories from keeping these trophy and awards. A reflection of how you have done a wonderful phase in your life.

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