Why Classical Music is the recommended music for pregnancy?

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One way to alleviate stress is to hear the sound of a beautiful music. Music is not only helpful in releasing stress in an individual but it greatly helps in pregnancy.

Why Classical Music in pregnancy?

According to research, listening to classical music during pregnancy aids in the baby’s brain development. During the stages of pregnancy, a mother communicates to her baby through her feelings. The baby is closely connected to the mother that is why it is important to stay happy, positive and stay away from stress when pregnant to have a healthy pregnancy. It is best to start hearing classical music in the second trimester onwards because it makes babies develop much faster and grow up with improved intelligence.

Classical music for pregnancy

Classical music for pregnancy

The popular classical music for pregnancy is the Mozart piano and violin concertos. The Classical music that I have at home is the Wildlife Symphony and the Nature Symphony. If I am done hearing those classical music, I will turn to youtube and hear the relaxing Pregnancy Music in piano by Raimond Lap. In youtube, there are other music and videos that are good to hear for good moods and senses. Some people playing music in youtube use different musical instruments such as piano, violin, guitar and even a cheap banjo.

When hearing music, if your baby kicks; caress the opposite side. That would be the baby’s head. A gesture like this is a form of unspoken communication only a mommy can impart to her baby.


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    I used to listen to a lot of classical music when I was pregnant. Even after that, I still found myself liking that type of music :). It’s really soothing and I see myself thinking more clearly when I put on some Mozart.

  2. says

    Feeling your baby kick because he/she is connecting with you emotionally, isn’t that just awesome? When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I had a little classical music collection, too. Now my daughter is going 13, and she totally loves playing music on her keyboard. Well, I don’t even know if that has anything to do with the music I listened to when I was pregnant with her. But as they say, music is a universal language. It is the language of the soul.

  3. says

    I’m not exactly a fan of Classical Music, and I think my new nephew isn’t either. When he was still in his mom’s womb, he kicks whenever “Moves like jagger” by Maroon 5 is being played, as if he was dancing. And now that he’s 4 months old, he still prefers dance-y music. :)

  4. says

    Very sweet thoughts for the unborn inheritance…I agree not only for them is Mozart’s and other pieces of classical musicians soothing, I often find myself listening to Bach, Strauss and even Hisaishi when I feel like it.

  5. says

    this is a timely post, since my wife is pregnant and she’s in her 2nd trimester… we have some classical music at home… thanks for the reminder. Yahweh bless.


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