Healthy Eating Plate Guide

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Keeping a healthy body is like living a rich and luxurious lifestyle. Why? It is because when you are healthy, you feel great, you take indulgence of having a comfortable body condition,  less worries, and you can perform at your best. Our body is always in good condition and makes up a healthy mind thinking. That will surely generate desirable consequences for our family or career.

In the family, being healthy should begin with how parents choose and prepare foods. I have learned the new FDA dinner plate replacing the food pyramid last mid-year and found out that they are easier to use. As we age, I have noticed that we should take extra care for our body especially to what we eat. Like many other people who are gaining over weight, I would like to help my husband to lose weight to keep a healthier body. Let me share to you the “Healthy Eating Plate” I found from This  is  a great guide in choosing and preparing foods for our family.

Healthy Eating Plate guide

Healthy Eating Plate guide, credit:

The Healthy Eating Plate is an excellent guide that points consumers to the healthiest choices in the major food groups, created by experts at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School.

Since I usually go to the supermarket weekly, I make it a point to create the menu or dish for the week. Creating a grocery list will make shopping easier and will save time. I always choose several fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and fish in my shopping list.


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