This site is a collection of interesting articles based from Jem’s real experience as an individual and as a mother. The author done some research to make each post informative and related her experience to it. The article categories of the weblog are prepared during her pregnancy in her first child year 2008. Super Mommy Jem still continue to create informative and helpful post for motherhood, family and home.

The creation of this website is Jem’s share for a wonderful blessing as a super mommy so they can relate, learn and enjoy motherhood.

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Jem Alvarado

Work-at-home Independent Contractor
Web administrator- Mommy Blogger. Independent Contractor. Full time mommy with two kids; very supportive to family and a loving wife. Living in a simple life. Computer Engineering Graduate. Previous works - Web Evaluator, Technical Support, Call Center agent, Collections staff, Local Store Marketing, Businesswoman, and an Internet cafe owner.

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  1. Mark James Maturana

    Wow! Mam Jem, dami info. Very informative ho :-) Ganda

  2. Hi Jem,

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    I hope this note finds you well!

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  4. Hi Jem!

    Great to be here, I enjoyed reading your posts on motherhood. Very inspiring! :)