Mommy Jemimah or Mommy Jem for short is my name. I’m a full-time super mommy with two beautiful kids, very supportive to family and a loving wife. For more than five years now, I’m grateful to have a work-at-home online job as an independent contractor. I love saving memories and sharing with what I’ve learned.  I like listening to people with true experiences, reading informative websites, curious how a website works,  and I am very much interested in parenting, home, and living. These are the reasons why I blog here at www.esupermommy.com.

When I became a mom, I have observed that you should always be aware with what’s happening around. The latest news, family-friendly products, latest technologies, delicious food menus, recommended restaurants and hotels, household and home improvement products, education, parenting tips, and fascinating events are some of the engaging topics that I wanted to know and write about.

This site is a collection of interesting posts and articles based from my real experiences as an individual and as a mother. I’ve done research to make each post informative and related my experience to it. The article categories of the weblog were prepared during my pregnancy with my first child year 2008.

The creation of this website is my part for every family most especially mothers so they can relate, learn and enjoy motherhood.

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