What to do for a successful toddler’s potty training?

This post is a follow-up of toddler's potty training made easy that I shared last year. My little boy is now three years and five months old. When I found the right timing and way for my toddler's the potty training that I posted last year, I am so glad that it went through the days, weeks and now my son is very comfortable in using his potty when he wants to poo (bowel movement) and pee (urinate). Now, he only use diaper when we go out of the house to mall, church and attend events. At night, I was able to train him to urinate on the potty before sleeping so that when we wake up there is no mess. Because of the good potty training, I had the extra savings from buying bulk diapers to very few pieces in every shopping. successful potty training What to do for a successful toddler's potty training? Prepare a potty that is toddler-friendly. A toddler-friendly potty depends on the ... [ Continue Reading ]