Fun study habits at home for little children

Little children like my son in nursery loves to play most of the times. Due to his non-stop playing with his favorite different toys, there are times that he does not want to eat on time and do not want to answer some homework. It makes me think of a solution to start training him for a fun study habits since he already started schooling. It is better to start the discipline at an early age.

Filipino Nursery boy
Filipino Nursery boy

Fun study habits at home for little children

  • Set a time for play and study.
  • Teach the kids to clean up the mess after playing. That would mean that they should keep their toys in proper places and explain to them the reason. Example: We will keep the toys in the box to keep them clean and safe from being damage.
  • Teach your child about the discipline in play time, eating time and study time. Explain them the value of learning. Children loves story telling, I usually tell him that learning how to read and write will help him read and understand story books.
  • Act as a teacher mommy at home. Little children distinguish study time in school with their teacher. Parent especially mommy may portray as a teacher at home by acting their child’s teacher such as holding a stick to point to Alphabets, numbers or shapes.
  • Encourage him to color, practice writing and identify different objects by showing educational tracing or coloring book in different theme or design at least once a day or thrice a week.
  • After school, always ask your child the things that they did in school for the day. You can review them at home and enhance their learning by teaching more about it.
  • Always prepare a good snack at home after the study time.
  • Always give fun and colorful examples when teaching a child.
  • You can use several books or educational toys for teaching kids alphabets, numbers, etc. at home.

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  • levy

    good job mommy Jem, I agree with all the things you have mentioned here.

  • mommynicquee

    Playing pretend teacher-student do not work for us all the time. Also, sometimes, I feel that it confuses my daughter. Maybe it is just me. What I do is I remind her what teacher taught at school and that she should also practice that at home.

    We are alike in many aspects. Good luck to us!

  • Connie

    Very helpful tips. We practically do the same things at home. My girls love it when I play Teacher Mommy.