Learning in the first month of nursery school

A few more days to go and my little boy is on his way to the first month of nursery school. I have to admit that the first week is not that easy. Children were in the adjustment stage but I am so happy that we made it through. The things that I did which I mentioned in the helpful tips on preparing your child for nursery school is truly a big help with my little nursery boy.

cute nuresery student in uniform
Filipino nursery student of St. Immaculate Learning Center

Learning in the first month of nursery school

  • He learns to make friends with other kids.
  • He learns to behave and be a little more independent.
  • He learns to greet his teachers and classmates.
  • He learns to sing The Philippine National Anthem – “Lupang Hinirang”
  • He learns to sing other nursery songs in a jollier way.
  • He learns the activity of the day.
  • He learns the task during weekdays.
  • He learns the difference between a boy and a girl.

Almost everyday he get star stamps showing that he is very good in school. Yesterday he got two stars. I am so thankful and I hope he will grow smart and good. Education means a lot. As parents we should be responsible in giving them the love and support in pursuing our child’s education. Long way to go for my little boy :)

  • http://francramon.com Franc Ramon

    You little boy is a good kid earning all those stars and learning so many new things. I do remember my nursery days from your post and I was the naughtiest in the class and when my teachers would ask me if why I am not writing, I’d say because my pencil is tired. =>

    • http://www.esupermommy.com Jem Alvarado

      Hi Franc,

      Naughty indeed :)) .

  • http://philippinetravelogue.com Brenna

    aww. definitely these kids learn a lot in the first month. i just hope they actually enjoy it. :)

  • http://gemsdaily.blogspot.com Gemma|My Dailies

    He looks so excited! Great job kiddo! Keep it up and continue to make your parents happy with your stamps and learning!

  • http://trunklocker.blogspot.com ralph

    same here… i will be posting my kid’s stuff in school tool… hahaha… its a good experience seeing your child taking new steps in life… Yahweh bless.

  • http://www.teacherspen.com/ Robi

    Wow! He’s a brilliant boy. It’s really normal for adjustment since he’s studying with other kids too. Congratulations to your son. :) Just keep on feeding him with your good guidance at home and follow up the lessons too. He’ll surely grow smart.

  • http://Www.vivisrandomramblings.com Violy

    Kudos to your little boy! Way to go! It is my niece’ 1st week in school too, but she’s not making friend! ;( and whenever her teacher will talk to her she’s always whispering… Hehe but she always has a star and doing good in school. We just hope she will interact with the kids..

  • http://www.mommyhopeful.info claire

    super nice that he has friends now. kids talaga today are learning very fast. :)

  • http://just-passing-thru.blogspot.com/ Teresa Martinez

    You will be collecting a lot of memories from your child’s school experiences and those will be part of your life’s treasures.

  • http://www.mykids-in-germany.com rachelle

    he has a great looking smile! cute!
    indeed our kids learn a lot during this stage. I remember when my kids used to go in a pre-school there. I saw that they learned things that are still early for their age but they were able to do it.

  • http://arimaraykd.blogspot.com/ marri

    My 3-year old son is also in school now.
    He’s in pre-nursery and so far, he’s enjoying.
    He seems to be reluctant at first but now,
    I’m glad that he’s getting to be very much interested
    in going to school and wearing his uniform everyday.
    Way to go… kids!!!