Pancit Bato of Bicol Region

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Pancit Bato is a popular pansit of Bicolana in the Bicol region. It is made from starch or cassava (Kamoteng Kahoy) that can be prepared either saucy or dried pansit. Just like the ordinary cooking of pansit, pancit bato is sauteed in onion and garlic. You can add vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, string beans or chicharo and meat (chicken or pork). For saucy pancit bato, I prefer to use petsay vegetable with pork and squid balls.

pansit bato of bicol region

Pancit bato of bicol region

In cooking pancit bato, you can add seasoning such as soy sauce and Knorr cubes. My mother used to cook pancit bato using some vegetables, pork seasoned with salt then before eating do not forget to add soy sauce and Calamansi. In my childhood days when we go to Albay for a vacation, one serving of pancit bato at a nearby carinderia only cost Php1.50 now I think it cost Php10-15. The difference of cooking pancit bato to an ordinary pancit is the cooking time. After sauteing onion and garlic with vegetables when you add the pancit bato, you have to mix it quickly and cook in 1-3 minutes only then remove the pan from the stove to avoid over cooking.

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  1. says

    I love this, I have tried this during my recent trip to Bicol. Sa Malaysia they have one like this too one of my fave din but their noodles is dark brown naman.

  2. Anne's Sweet Life says

    I love pancit, and I am sure I will love this pancit bato. When I ate pancit, I always see to it, there’s a bread in the table too because I will make the pancit as my sandwich spread, plus a mango shake ang sarap.!

  3. says

    My dad is Bicolano but I’ve never heard of Pancit Bato. So I guess the only difference of this pancit from the usual is that it cooks faster. I’ll ask for this when I get to visit my dad’s province :)

  4. Adeline says

    Shame on me I haven’t tried this one yet, considering that my dad’s Bicolano. Definitely would be in my list of things to try out the next time I head over there.

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