Guitar that Taylor Swift use

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“He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star, he’s the song in the car I keep singing…” my cousin is singing this song because we are going to talk about the guitars that Taylor Swift uses. She just shared to me some of details about Taylor swift guitar.

Taylor Swift guitar

Taylor Swift guitar

Taylor Swift’s concert patronisers is not simply astonished by Swift’s performance and beaauty but with all the attractive guitars she uses. Who would not be familiar with these guitars?

Taylor GS6 Swarovski Guitar – a black guitar covered in 5,400 Swarovski Lead Crystal AB Rhinestones attached with silicone epoxy.

Taylor PSGA Guitar – AAA KOA top, Florentine cutaway and Taylor fretboard inlay

Taylor K65ce – also with Taylor fretboard inlay

Taylor Swift uses “Taylor” brand guitars, but don’t be mistaken that the brand name, “Taylor” is named after her. Taylor guitars started at the year 1973 and that they’ve been popular for its versatility – from jazz to rock, to metal and etc. Moreover, Taylor Swift is a Tailor Guitar collector on her teenage days then became the representative of Bob Taylor.

To name her guitars, here are the lists: Guitar that Taylor Swift use 

  1. GS6 Swarovski Guitar
  2. 615ce
  3. PSGA
  4. A pair of K65ce’s
  5. Pink T5-S
  6. 855ce 12 string
  7. T5KOA
  8. Maple PS-LTD with a tobacco sunburst and Florentine cutaway
  9. Black Solid Body Classic
  10. Taylor 814ce
  11. Taylor 914ce
  12. Taylor GA 414ce
  13. Taylor T2
  14. Twelve strings
  15. Red T5
  16. Blue koi fish guitar (my favourite!)

People who have a passion in collecting musical instruments go to several music stores where they can find various guitars, godin encore nylon, keyboards and other musical instruments.

Taylor Swift lists of guitar is really a “big wow”.  Indeed she is a perfect example of an artist who starts with humble beginnings, doing what makes her happy, living in a simplest way, doing her passion until she makes it big. Swift is such an inspiration.


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