Feng Shui Startup| Tips before you buy a house and lot

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Last year when we started to buy our future house and lot I started to read about Feng Shui. In wikipedia, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi(energy flow). Feng Shui is basically based on five elements: metal, earth, water, fire and wood. The work of these five elements is to create a harmonized environment around us.I am so glad to learn the basics and I will share what I have learned here step by step. First, I would like to share my tips before you buy a house and lot. Nowadays, it is really hard to buy a house and lot in good location especially in urban areas. Before we buy a house and lot, we should also consider some things like the position, location of the house for our good health, prosperity and happiness.

tips before you buy a house and lot

Feng Shui Tips for House and lot

Tips before you buy a house and a good Feng Shui Checklist

  • Accessibility – A house that is accessible to the main needs of a family like  market, roads to schools, church, business establishments and hospitals.
  • Location and lot placement –  Prefer the house where the main door is facing the East or facing the Morning Sunshine. It is also good to buy a house and lot with definite shape like square or rectangular.  There should be no sloping land behind the house.
  • Community –  A surroundings that has a clean street, good neighbors and no Sha Chi (Killing or attacking energy) from nearby structures.

What to avoid in buying a house and lot?

  • Avoid buying a house and lot located at the intersection of a T-Junction or Y-Junction or cul de sac or one that turns sharply in front of your house.
  • Avoid a house with a post in front of the house.
  • Avoid the house facing a busy road because the disturbing qi (traffic) prevents occupants a good rest.
  • Avoid landfills, rubbish dumps, airports, military camps, and oxidation ponds.
  • Stay a safe distance from prison complexes, police stations, power generation plant and petroleum refineries.
  • Beware of of high tension power lines and microwave transmitting stations. The emit electromagnetic waves which are believe to the cause of some ailments.
  • Avoid houses located on hilltops. Such locations are exposed to the elements and valuable Qi (energy flow) is dispersed. Moreover constant exposure strong cold or hot wind can affect your health.
  • Avoid very low lying areas too. Aside from the possibility of flooding, Qi (energy flow) is more likely to stagnate.

These are only guidelines but if you bought a house and lot in some of the areas included to be avoided, there are some solutions in Feng Shui so better find Feng Shui solution with a Feng Shui expert  for that.

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  1. says

    Hello Jem.

    My mom’s the one fond of following Feng shui. I do too a little. Not that hard core :)

    I am looking for a house and lot in Quezon City for my family. Hopefully, next year, I am already able to save for the downpayment. Any ideas on a good subdivision? Not too expensive please.

    • says


      I would also love to buy a house and lot in Quezon City but they are too expensive so we bought a house and lot in Bulacan. I canvass two years ago and I found townhouse for sale ranging from 1.5M to 3M depending on the lot area. There is a new subdivision along Quirino Highway talipapa across SM savemore but I forgot the name of the subdivision. I think it cost from 2M- 5M.. In Quezon City if I have enough big money, I would like to buy a house and lot in Philam homes. They have a very beautiful and healthy community. Good luck! :)


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