Tips in encouraging your child to go to school

This year is the first school year of my little boy in nursery. A few years ago, I have witnessed how my sister manage and took care of her children especially in going to school. Now this time is my mommy moment eventually to make my turn to do it for my first child who started studying in school.

Tips in encouraging child to go to school

Tips in encouraging child to go to school

I have read and learned real mommy stories about having a difficulty in bringing their child to nursery school so before I bring my little boy to school; I made some preparations that I posted at Helpful tips in preparing your child for nursery school. The outcome of the tips is very effective on my part but I still discover several situations wherein my little boy does not want to attend class.

It is more than a month ago since the day one of school opening. We are so happy that we made it in the first weeks of school class. The situation wherein my little boy does not want to attend class arises in different school days. I think it has something to do with children’s mood swings and other behavior patterns of my three-year-old son.

Tips in encouraging children to go to school

  • Provide School things and accessories that your child is interested in. School bag is your child’s thing partner in going to school. Give them a chance to choose the color and design that they wanted with your guidance. You have to encourage them to pick for a school bag that is comfortable to use. Same with other school items and accessories, give them what they like and make sure that it is necessary in school work.
  • Make a habit of praying before bedtime. In the prayer, you may encourage your child to include prayers for school about their school work, teachers and classmates. If someone is sick especially the teacher in school, we pray “God, Please help my teacher to get well soon so that she may feel better and attend our class.” When we prayed at night with my little boy, we always say a prayer “Let there be a shiny bright morning, Jesus.” And “Thank you for all the blessings”.
  • Talk to your child about the things that they did in school. Every day conversation about the things that they did in school will help them build their awareness in school work and activities. When you ask them and your child share their activities in school, make some good interaction and try to tell more about what you know in their school activity.
  • Keep them busy while waiting for their school time or school service. Most children get easily bored and wanted to do anything while waiting for school time or school service. Sometimes they caught mess before they can actually arrive in school. To help them behave while waiting, give them something that they can engage in such as coloring book, puzzles, drawing pad or mini-books. When the time is up tell them that you will keep the material and it is now school time or if you can discipline your child, you can tell them to keep it inside the school bag during class time and use it only when they have free time in school or while waiting for their service to fetch them.
  • Acknowledge your child’s potential and motivate them. A simple word of acknowledgement makes a child to be very happy and in this way their self-confidence will boost. No matter how big or small your child has achieved, parents should always appreciate it. A good example of this is giving them a sweet hug and kiss, treating them special snacks or granting their special request and attending their school programs especially when they have a role to play in the event.

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  • Pepper Tan

    Excellent tips. It also helps if the parents are actively involved in school, like if they’re PTA officers or something. This shows your kid that you are keenly interested in what goes on in school.

  • pinoybizness

    I remember when I was a child my mother used to buy 3 rows of colour pen . Thats is how they convinced me to go to school. :)

  • Mavin

    motivating them is one of the key tools. there should be good motivators and have their interest heightened so that there will be no problems :)

  • sir rob

    Nice..! I am just worried or should I say anxious because our son will be going to school probably next year. I am hoping that we won’t be having a hard time with him.

  • traveling morion/jeffrey rilles

    luv reading ur list/tips! giving rewards and acknowledging ur child’s daily outputs in school also works :)

  • Franc Ramon

    This is their first chance at being in school so they must make the right first steps and above all be able to enjoy and appreciate being in school.

  • Robi

    These are great tips! It’s indeed the parents duty to encourage them first before they go to school. :)

  • Adventurous AdventuRoj

    Thanks for sharing! Will be spreading this to my friends who have kids! :)

  • Unsugarcoated Reviews

    I also suggest helping kids with their homework and projects. It makes the drudgery of “work” easier and is also a good way to bond with kids.

  • Airra Pingol

    great tips. this would be helpful to the mothers out there :)

  • claire

    wonderful tips, motivation is really the key. Kudos mommy!

  • Angie Vianzon

    Excellent tips although I am very lucky that I don’t need to encourage my daughter to go to school but these tips will still come in handy since my daughter is only 2 years old.

  • Itsberyllicious

    great tips.. i remember when my mom always ask me about my day in school.. having her as my tutor also helps as i always look forward to recite in class haha! :)

  • Teresa Martinez

    Encouraging our children in school is part of a parent’s wide role in their lives.

  • ventocoseuss

    Nice tips. Though I’m not a parent at present, I might be in the future, and hey, I can backtrack to this post. Haha.. I remember my little sister having what we call “malingering” where they create their own illness just to skip school.. We would give her reinforcement like a promise to take her to Jollibee just to go to class.

    But boy, she did enjoy the reinforcements. Ngayon, big time na. Gusto concert na ng One Direction for her to study very well! Haha. Pero di ko muna pagbibigyan, namimihasa. LOL

  • The Chef

    thanks for these tips.. well talking to them is the real answer to this and emphasizing that it is really important for them.. encouraging them and helping them..


    Teaching kids is a really tough act but it would pay off eventually. It’s really good to train young minds to love school, they will maintain these values until they graduate.

    I will apply those tips when I have children in the future =)

  • Mark Morfe

    Adding this to my compilation for my daughter as these tips would be very helpful. ^_^

  • Kathy Ngo

    It’s a good thing my son loves going to school. I don’t have to force him to do anything school related.

  • Lessons Of A Dad

    These are good tips. All my kids adjusted really easily to school when they were little. I think it also has to do with the type of school they go to.

    If I may suggest: if money is not a big issue, consider a Montessori school for your child. :)

  • Ness

    I will take note of these when I got my own children already. :-)

  • Karen

    Great tips, Mommy Jem! I remember my 5-year old nephew who doesn’t want to go to school. To counter this, his mom rewarded him every time he comes home with a star.

  • rachelle

    great tips! i’ll apply this to my little boy who will be going to the big school this September. i really fear that he may not be interested in going to school because of hs habit of just playing while at home. thanks for sharing!

  • Nickle Love

    Good tips. I’ll keep those in mind when I have kid/s of my own. XD

  • levy

    nice tips, I agree with the acknowledging and praising them when they go to school or did a good job.

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  • Francis Balgos | Pala-lagaw

    I can’t really relate to this..
    But watching my siblings growing up,..
    I kind of understands the different moods that we have very morning. ;)